KIB 143 – Revealing the Luciferian Work and the Attack on Texas

KIB M and M Edition Podcast

KIB 143 – Revealing the Luciferian Work and the Attack on Texas

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

On today’s podcast, Dr. Lake and Mary discuss how the Luciferian Elite can work to direct occult power to cities or regions for destruction.  They speculate that there are specific circumstances that are aligned every 12 years, where occult groups are able to build more power (even combined with technology) for an intended purpose.  Mary was able to compare circumstances surrounding Hurricane Katrina with Hurricane Harvey to provide food for thought on how mind control victims may be used to direct occult power without their knowledge.  They describe how the solar eclipse held significance to the occult groups, but how God was announcing judgment on wickedness.  They prayed and asked Almighty God to break the power of the kingdom of darkness to bring more destruction and asked Him to intervene and stop the torrential downpours.
Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling book,The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and the newly released book,The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.
Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book,What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.



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  1. I too prayed against the evil who would purpose the eclipse for occult power. I believe Yeshua has and will continue to give us warnings to repent. This country will experience some very difficult times ahead.If no repentance is done. On a positive note the outpouring of the common people to help their neighbors is so heartening. The lack of high numbers of lost lives compared to Katrina also seems to be remarkable. I hope many broadcasters will center on these things and rebuild this country in unity and affection rather than highlight negative actions of the few which they normally tend to do. This is a wake up call Americans lets step up to the challenge,pray, repent and care for God and neighbor as He has instructed us to do.

    1. If there is a need or something to stand up for in the Kingdom, Coach Dave is right in the middle of it! I just found out that Coach Dave is in Houston to help. I cannot recommend a ministry more highly than Pass the Salt!

  2. May I add the Pass the Salt ministries Brother Dave in Ohio they are headed to TX on the 8th? to help the smaller communities. He was also a speaker at the Watchmen conference Brother Mike is speaking of.
    I hope this is ok to post this Mike.

  3. I am a daughter of a 32d degree mason. I just woke up, Praise Yah,in march of this year. I saw you on prophecy watchers and the Lord put it in my heart to come to your website after I realized I was under attack. My name is Kim Lincoln. I really enjoy listening to your podcasts and I feel you have truth. Thank you from the heart Yeshua as restored to me.

  4. Hi I LOVE your podcast, where is a good place to start when wanting to pray 3rd Heaven reality???

    1. I am currently working on a book on the subject. The book will be titled, The Kingdom Priesthood.

      1. Nice! I have a friend in China that was asking about the concept of praying from the third heavens. I didn’t have a resource for him. I’m looking forward to sending your book to him.

  5. Hello I LOVE your podcast, where would be a good place to start when praying and wanting to learn 3rd Heaven reality……I feel the Holy Spirit moving me in that direction

    1. Hi Christi
      If you Look up Robert Henderson The Courts of Heaven on You Tube. This was the beginning of my Learning to release our kings will…in the courts. It does require a high level of sanctification…of walking in holiness before the Lord as you will stand in front of the accuser in the courts. Robert also has a book that is worth getting. And I would advise cleansing your bloodline and then be led by the holy spirit that all commissions be the Lords will and in his timing..This path is not for everyone. If you start down this path it gets narrower and narrower. Actually this path should be the one we are All on that we may honour the King of Glory and step into our Sonship.
      Bless you on your Journey…..Love from Noanie

      1. When moving into 3rd heaven reality/prayer I’m also being warned it will require SERIOUS sanctification and cleaning out blood lines (meaning generational curses??) there abviously needs/requires to be some balancing I really need more info before I step into this , now I have some uncertainly if I’m ready ……..I need to know what EXACTLY this requires before hand

        1. I am working on a book that will detail everything. I hope to have it in print by January.

          1. Hello Dr Lake 🙂 I am looking forward to this book…I am making my way through your other books. But this book I think will be Very important to the Body …we really need this information. The Holy Spirit has lead me into this path…a Joshua anointing for the Courts of Heaven., with some teachings on the way.
            Thank you… to Y
            You and Mary So much…I am one of those with an insatiable thirst. I am currently devouring your podcasts….and I don’t feel SO Alone…on this narrow path.
            Love You’s

          2. As Mark states there are more of us than we realize welcome little sister be of good cheer you’re on the right side!

        2. 🙂 Hi. In my personal experience one just needs to press in every day and ask God to examine your heart. Read scripture that dea with this and use them to pray. Ex: Ps 51 and Ps 139. After a short time God will begin to show you things in your life and heart that need cleansing and healing. His Spirit will lead, guide and direct you as long as you continue to go everyday in prayer before for this process. Afterwards you will feel so free. Then just keep asking him for what you seek of him. He will then grant it.

          1. Very good advice Sister x

      2. thank you for your post I really appreciate the information that you’ve provided.

        1. Thank you brother David 🙂

  6. Mary, sweet sister, they may have meant for you to be a weapon.
    “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.” Genesis 50:20
    You are a mighty weapon for the Kingdom. I know it when I hear you pray.

  7. Hi. As I was listening I had a thought. Is it possible the American cities/towns named after places in south Africa or Germany may have a spiritual connection? I live in a place called ladysmith. We looked it up and saw the name comes from a town in south Africa. Recently they had a case of mass cannibalism. Not saying it would happen here but maybe some dark workings could result if there is a connection. Just thinking outside the box. May the Lord Jesus bless you both with greater discernment with the ability to articulate and prove what you disclose.

    1. along those lines: Human Fetus Cells are Used By Major Processed Food MFG/Natural/Artificial Flavor Test. There are youtube videos discussing how human fetal tissue is being used as part of flavor additives by major manufacturers. Many Pepsico products use these additives. Now more than ever we need to pray over what we eat. Also the gentleman at the Kosher deli told me that Jello brand gelatin contains swine, so you will need to find Kosher gelatin in the place of Jello. The depth of evil is beyond imagination.

      1. Agreed I have chosen not to eat pork, t.v. dinners that are chopped beef types like hamburger or meatloaf along with most hot dogs contain pork . Reading labels nowdays is a must! Just an FYI for all you folks who want to adhere to this diet Restriction.

      2. I was aware the cosmetic industry has gone crazy with adding fetal tissue. But food….why of course!!
        That would be exactly what evil would do…It wants to defile us in any way possible. But our Dad has got our backs.
        I have been feeling a great importance to grow as much food as we can.
        We have started a great veggie patch…and trying to buy locally made things at markets ect.
        Learning to preserve food also……It really is evil on steroids now…..

  8. Thank you, Mike and Mary Lou! You are doing such powerful work for the Kingdom of God… Amen… Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done! There are so many things I hear you both say that are exact answers and confirmations of conversations I’m having with God at the time I hear your podcast! I was amazed at first, but it happens so often, it would be odd if it didn’t. There are no coincidences… My husband is always amazed because we’ll chat about something and then I tell him about your podcasts which are so similar, often exact words, songs and passages are shared. For instance… how often do we study about King Azariah in the Bible (not sure I spelled his name right)? You two discussed how God delivered him and then he falls into idolatry with the same garbage the enemy he just defeated was involved with! So I’m listening to your podcast and a couple of days later, God takes me on a journey through this King’s life and it was just the timing of my regular studies! God is so good and wonderful! You both help us see the covert attacks and confirm to me much of what God has been awakening me to in these past years and days. God is building our faith and our understanding exponentially. He is growing His remnant warriors and it is sooooo refreshing to find teachers who line their teaching with the Word of God! Thank you and Thanks be to God who deserves all the glory! I love you both!

  9. I was on the computer reconciling my check book and I had youtube playing in the background on autoplay. I heard you teaching on kingdom principles. God not only put you in my path but he used you to put a hook in my jaw. I could sense this was food for my soul. I had heard Mary on the Sheila Zelinski show about what witches don’t want you to know, but it took just hearing her voice to make the connection. Some of this occult stuff kind of sounds strange but the more I hear the more all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I have shared you with two friends that want more. We don’t learn this stuff in church. I had been asking God to show me how to pray and you were who he led me to. Thank you! Thank you! I have downloaded every podcast and can’t get enough. Please think about putting all of them on a flashdrive I can’t find 1-54. I can’t pray like you do yet but I can pray for your ministry. To God be the glory!! Thank you again! I am part of the remnant and you are helping me to be a warrior. Thank you Lord.

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