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KIB 228 – Praise, Authority, and the Fall Feasts

It is time for the Body of Christ to return to the Book of Psalms and to enter into the Fall Feasts with biblical praise. Drawing from Ps. 67 and 92, the Lakes show how praise will open the door for divine justice and healing. It will also cause a transition in the life of the believer to begin moving in great authority and to pray the Davidic-styled spiritual warfare prayers that will be drawn from the Book of Psalms that we need in this hour. Change is coming from the throne of Heaven!!

KIB 225 – Celebrating the Fall Feasts

In this episode (and by popular demand), the Lakes share about the Feasts of the LORD and include ideas for decorations and activities to make the Feasts memorable and biblical for your family. They also share about the upcoming Marriage to the Beast ceremony and the need to pray against the high satanic event this coming weekend.

KIB 215 – The Fire of God, Building Faith, and Pushing Through

We are in a season of Kingdom development. This is true, whether we are developing faith in the Kingdom to overcome Watcher technologies in our day or building God’s wall of protection and spiritual growth in our lives. Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake share important insights in the tactics of the enemy, how to overcome them through Kingdom principles, and the biblical dynamic of determination and consistent growth in our lives, as well as the function of the fire of God in this process.

KIB 193 – Turmoil and Triumph

KIB 193 – Turmoil and Triumph Kingdom Intelligence Briefing   In this episode, Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake discuss several items ripped from local news with possible connections to the Black Awakening. They also discover the attempt of the Luciferian Elite to bring chaos to the Western world to empower their occult workings in […]

KIB 192 – Babylonian Zombies vs. Kingdom Remnant

KIB 192 – Babylonian Zombies vs. Kingdom Remnant Kingdom Intelligence Briefing   On today’s podcast, Dr. Michael and Mary Lake review some history to explore how the enemies of the Kingdom of God have been toiling to create mindless zombies waiting to be filled with the agenda of the kingdom of darkness. They discuss the […]