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Preparing the Remnant for the Unfolding of End-Time Prophecy

Month: October 2014

Free End-Time Prophecy Seminar to Prepare the Remnant

 Free End-Time Prophecy Seminar to Prepare the Remnant with Kingdom Power.  Are You Equipped for the Last Days? It seems like things are spiraling out of control around the world!  The Luciferian Elite are working overtime to bring about end-time events.  Yet in the midst of all of this, God has a plan!  The Word […]

Has the Elite Declared Checkmate in the War Against Traditional Christian Education?

 Has Regional Accreditation Declared “Checkmate” in the War Against Christian Education? By Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E. In August, I shared about the developing situation with Gordon College and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEACS) regarding the school’s need to either embrace the new Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGTS) agenda or lose their accreditation.  Since […]

The Issachar Anointing & the Last Days

The Issachar Anointing and the Last Days KIB Episode 24 With all of the talk about the Blood Moon Prophecies, Shemitah Years, and the possible return of Messiah in 2015, what should be the response by the Body of Christ?  Dr. Michael Lake discusses these topics and the proper biblical response in a Yeshiva (Hebraic […]

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