Month: February 2022

KIB 340 – The Tragedy of Superficial Faith

Is Tuesday, 02/22/22 a date that both the occult and those in mind control can use?  How do we pray against such occult workings?  The earmark of the Laodicean Church is a superficial faith that does not produce spiritual strength or holiness in the life of the believer.  How do we move from superficial to substantial faith?  It is time for the roots of our faith to go deep and the nature of our faith to become strong in the LORD.

UTK100 – Getting Free of the Tentacles of Babylon – Part 2

There is a sifting coming upon the world.  Are our lives built upon the solid foundation of the Word and Messiah or is it built upon the ancient sands of Babylon?  How is Antinomianism connected to much of the Church, the sands of Babylon, and the Son of Perdition?  The answer to this question will shock most believers! 

KIB 339 – The Unlimited River of God

Every evening on the news, we are confronted with a river of fear:  war, crime, pandemic, and lies.  Yet, another river can overcome fear, stop wars, heal bodies and souls, and restore nations.  There is a river that flows from the very throne of God.  In this dark hour, it is the task of the Remnant to remove any obstruction to God’s River flowing through them.  We need the flowing of God’s River for ourselves and those caught in darkness all around us!

KIB 338 – The Supernatural Power of Endurance

The priesthood of darkness is fueled by hate.  However, the priesthood of the Kingdom is fueled by grace.  Grace, vision, and endurance are all connected and work synergistically in the believer’s life.  We are in a season in which endurance is essential because it will assist in manifesting the promises of God (Heb. 10:35-36).  Heaven is waiting to release grace and vision to produce endurance into the lives of the Remnant today!

KIB 337 – Preparing Ourselves to Be Used of God

Heaven is getting ready to move, but are we ready?  The book of Micah reminds us that it is not ritual or religion that prepares us; it is our personal walk with God – comprised of justice, mercy, and humility.  Walking with God is always transformational.  In the case of Abram (our example), his walk with God had so changed him that his name had to change as well.  We are all Abrams in transition to becoming Abrahams.  We need to ensure that we are not the ones standing in the way of transformation!