Month: January 2024

KIB 424 – Kicking Out Religious Spirits

Mystery Babylon has been working overtime to fill both the Western world and the Church with the traditions of men and religious spirits to neutralize the power and influence of God in society.  We are in a season where God is anointing His people to drive the religious spirits out of ourselves and our assemblies.  Heaven wants to pour new wine and a fresh anointing, but it will only come to those who have driven the religious spirits out of their midst.

KIB 423 – The Coming Changes and the Work Ahead of Us

There is no more time for games.  Judgment is going to start in the House of God and then forward to judge Mystery Babylon.  It is the task of the Remnant to wash themselves in repentance and the Word to ensure no trace of Babylon remains in or on them!  The Body needs to be free, whole, and empowered by Heaven to move forth for the final Harvest for our King.

KWR0038 – A Sense of Prophetic Urgency in 2024

The priesthood of darkness has been working tirelessly to weaken the body of Christ and to destroy Western civilization for their matrix of a one-world occult order.  However, God is also moving, and the Remnant must wake up out of spiritual slumber, bring self-correction, and restore biblicity in the Body once again.  This year will be pivotal in this cosmic conflict.

KIB 422 – Preparation of the Bride and the Last Days

This year (2024) will be marked as a time of purifying, accelerated learning, and fresh empowerment for the Remnant.  It will also be marked with the enemy of humanity placing key elements of control into place to enslave all of humankind and to prepare them for the arrival of the son of perdition.  Our task is to yield to the time of preparation by the Spirit of God so that we will be prepared for the days ahead.

KIB 421 – How Deep Do You Want God to Go?

We know from scripture that God will eventually judge Mystery Babylon. He is also preparing to judge many things now, even as we race toward His ultimate judgment. In this hour, the judgment is proportional to how the Church judges itself and returns to Kingdom purity. Heaven asks, “How deep do you want me to do?” God will radically judge if we go deep and radically cleanse our lives from the stench of Babylon.