Month: July 2023

KIB 402 – From Mourning to Victory

In the time of Moses, the children of Israel did the unthinkable:  they refused God’s command to cross over the Jordan and enter the Promised Land.  Not only did they refuse, but they made false accusations against Almighty God.  This act of rebellion opened the door to the enemy that became Tisha B’Av.  Twice on this date, the Temple of God was destroyed.  Over the centuries since, this date has been used by the enemy many times.  Yet through Christ, this date of mourning can be transformed to a day of victory.

KIB 401 – Declaring War on Doublemindedness

The world system has programmed the Church to be doubleminded.  Doublemindedness has affected the potency of our prayers, contaminated our theology, and diluted the power and presence of God in our midst.  It is time to declare war on doublemindedness and to possess minds that are singularly focused on Christ, His Word, and His Kingdom.