Month: May 2020

KIB 259 – New Wineskins for New Fire

The Almighty is about to do something new. In Matt. 9:14-17, Jesus shared about the need for new wineskins before the new wine could be given. With each major move of God, there was a time of reflection, fasting, and repentance that led to the renewal of the spirit and heart. We are in such a moment, and the Remnant needs restoration to prepare them for the next phase. Change is coming. Are we willing to spend the time preparing our hearts for fresh fire?

KIB 258 – Countdown to Pentecost and the Remnant

Can you sense it in the spirit? There is a countdown coming. It is a countdown to Pentecost. There is a new fire coming to empower the Remnant in the Last Days. Fear will have no place, only faith blazing in the heart of God’s people. There is a new boldness coming to the Remnant and a new anointing to face down the work of the Nephilim and Watchers. Are you ready?

KIB 257 – Divine Order, Leadership, and Spiritual Warfare

There are patterns within the Word of God to teach us how the Kingdom operates. One such model is Israel’s journey from the Red Sea to Mount Sinai. We are presently at that moment with the conflict between the Amalekites (giants) that arose to stop Israel from reaching Mount Sinai! Biblical order, understanding leadership, and authority will be essential to learn the spiritual warfare necessary for the days ahead.

KIB 256 The Coming Wealth War

Did the Elite plan the current pandemic? If they did, they are getting many unplanned consequences. Families are being strengthened. Nationalism is returning to countries that once were set on globalism. Nations are seeking to return manufacturing to their own borders. Could there be a coming conflict between the Luciferian Elite and the other power and wealth groups on the planet? Could we have just witnessed a resetting of purpose for the “chosen ones” of the Black Awakening? It is time to awaken and move in Kingdom power!