Month: November 2023

KIB 417 – Overcoming the Tactics of the Dark Side

The enemy knows every weak spot that you have in your life. This dark priesthood may have a file on you outlining every weakness with plans to render you ineffective for the Kingdom of God. How are we supposed to overcome an enemy that is so well-organized and informed enemy? Does the Word of God instruct us on how to overcome the machinations of Hell?

KIB 415 – Man’s Love Affair with Darkness and the Remnant’s Love for Light

The Lake’s discussed humanity’s inclination towards darkness and the potential havoc it brings, emphasizing the solution lies in the light provided by God, His Kingdom, and His Word. As the founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary, and writer of best-selling Christian books, he is a well-respected figure within Christian discourse. His wife, Mary Lou Lake, also contributes to the ministry with her work.

KIB 414 – Overcoming the Spirit of Nashan

The enemy is continually working to weaken the people of God.  Spiritual slumber, sin, compromise, complacency, and fear are the tools of his trade.  It is now time for us to take the instruction of the apostle Paul seriously.  It is high time that we wake out of spiritual slumber (Rom. 13:11) and prepare to overcome the spirit of Nahash!