Month: October 2021

KIB 328 – When God Stirs Things Up

God is stirring things up so that the Body of Christ will wake up, stop trusting in the affluence of Western society, and establish themselves once again in His Kingdom.  The stirring during this shaking is God’s grace and call to preparation.  It is our duty to awaken, learn, grow strong, and stand in our most holy faith.  A people stirred to holiness are never shaken by divine judgment!

Understanding God’s Throne and Having Faith in His Throne

Modern Christianity has lost sight of the power of God’s throne and has misunderstood the purpose of divine judgment. In this episode, Dr. Lake examines the need for God’s judgment, and it is twinned with God’s grace. This supernatural balance is for the sake of the faithful Remnant. It is time once again for God’s people to cry out, “Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered!”

The Fall Feasts and Our Prophetic Moment 2021 | Biblical Life TV

Understanding the Fall Feasts and their prophetic significance is essential in the days ahead.  There are three crucial aspects that are examined in this episode:  (1) The need for divine judgment in human history, (2) the importance of the fear of the LORD in the last days, and (3) our need to avoid a pseudo-repentance that is abhorrent to the Almighty. 

KIB 326 – The Bible, Discernment, and Understanding

As the days unfold before us, discernment will become a daily necessity.  Discernment is not suspicion nor based on mental prowess.  Discernment is spiritual and can only be developed through the study of the Word and time in prayer.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed at current events that we forget our need for the Word and prayer.  Yet, this is where the Holy Spirit is calling us.  The Remnant is answering this call so that discernment and understanding will become our constant companions.