Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder Series by Mary Lou Lake

Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder Series by Mary Lou Lake

In this podcast series, Mary Lou Lake discusses complex issues involving the occult, mind control, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and spiritual warfare.  She shares her personal healing journey as a victim of mind control and reveals how Almighty God exposed secrets in the town where she grew up.  In the midst of an extensive period of attacks from individuals involved in the occult, she eventually came to the conclusion that she only remembered a portion of her past and that her mind had been fragmented.  She reveals how Almighty God guided her, step by step, through deliverance and restoration.  Mary Lou believes that there are many Christians that have experienced similar circumstances and continue to struggle because they are unaware of what has happened to them.  Through these podcasts, she hopes to shed light on some of the secrets of the kingdom of darkness and mind control and discuss how someone can have a fragmented mind and be oblivious to the fact.  Above all, she wants to give glory to Almighty God for all He has done and to give hope to the hopeless by sharing how much Almighty God loves them and how He can provide a way out of any prison.

Warning:  These podcasts contain narratives that include information on mind control and can have a destabilizing effect on victims.  If you experience any unpleasant reactions to the information, please stop listening and contact a trained Christian counselor.

Updated Prayers for Release

Updated Prayers for Release

Free PDF of prayers that we have found to be effective for those seeking freedom in Christ.  Note:  This booklet is copyrighted.  You may freely share these prayers with others in the unaltered form.

Session One

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Session Two

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