KIB 335 – Learning to Use Your Kingdom Muscles

After examining important news from today’s headlines, the Lakes explore our need to meditate on Scripture to build spiritual muscle in the Kingdom.  This process of getting truth deep into our hearts, developing confidence in those Kingdom truths, and learning to flow in the authority of those truths will be essential for the Remnant in the days ahead.  We are preparing for victory and refuse to surrender to the enemy’s machinations!

KIB 334 – We Are Family: Understanding the Family Dynamic of Kingdom

To properly move in Kingdom, we need to understand the dynamic of the family of God.  Once we see Kingdom as family, our perceptions begin to change.  We understand the purpose of the loving instruction of the Father (Torah) and the importance of properly bearing the name of God.  We even discover the real reason God tests us (it is not what you think).  The Remnant must become rooted and grounded in family to fulfill their assignments on planet Earth.

KIB 333 – It’s Time to Make a Choice: Choose Kingdom

We’re back!  It seems that the enemy has upped its game against both the nation and the body of Christ.  Yet, we are standing on the edge of one of the greatest revivals in human history.  The enemy has overplayed his hand.  As the enemy doubles down on their agenda, it is time to double down on the Kingdom!  2022 is the year of choice and pressing into higher levels of the Kingdom.

Update About the Storm in Our Area on Dec 10, 2021

Mary and I have had several reach out to us this morning to see if we were OK after the terrible storms last night.  We did have a funnel cloud go over the house, and it tore off a good number of shingles off the front and side of the home.  We are both so grateful for God’s protection. We have not checked out ministry buildings yet, but this storm was closer to I-44, so they should not have been affected.  (We will check on them later today.)

The Lost Prophecies of Qumran KWR0016

The Essenes are an overlooked element of the Second Temple Period by most believers today.  Yet, there are strong connections with this Jewish group that had rejected the immorality they saw in Jerusalem and throughout Judea to form a settlement in the desert.  However, the Dead Sea Scrolls has turned a spotlight on this book and the prophecies they had about the future.

A Special Note from Dr. Michael Lake – December 2021

Today is December 1, and our sabbatical during December begins.  Mary and I will spend some much-needed time resting, praying, and in research during the month.  I will also be working on my next book.  Without the constant distractions of daily ministry, it will be easier to concentrate on the writing process.  (I know Defender Publishing will be happy to see significant progress on this project.)