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Preparing the Remnant for the Unfolding of End-Time Prophecy

KIB 100 – Jericho: Anatomy of a Stronghold (Prophecy Conference at Hunters Point)


KIB 100 – Jericho:  Anatomy of a Stronghold Kingdom Intelligence Briefing As Dr. Lake is preparing to head out for the Hear the Watchmen 2 Conference in Knoxville, TN, he and Mary did not have a chance to record a podcast this week.  We thought it would be great to share one of the messages […]

KIB 99 – Blowing the Lid Off of the Secrets


KIB 99 – Blowing the Lid Off of the Secrets Kingdom Intelligence Briefing In today’s podcast, Dr. Lake and Mary talk about the conference they attended in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Dr. Lake touches on God releasing ministers/judges in our day.  He announces that the curses that have been sent by the Luciferian Elite are beginning to […]

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 27


Understanding the Kingdom – Part 27 Biblical Life TV In this episode, Dr. Michael Lake examines the parable of Jesus in which Messiah declares access to the Kingdom by the Gentiles through His completed work of atonement.  He then examines the reality of what salvation means, to include: Forgiveness of sins Becoming a new creature […]

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