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  1. Dr. Lake, Is it possible to order your book, The Shinar Directive, along with the CD as advertised by Tom Horn, without receiving the other free books?
    I live in the UK and postage is quite prohibitive plus I already have most of these books.

    Also, please accept my heartfelt thanks for being faithful in presenting your teachings, I am finding them a rich resource and blessing at this time.

    Look forward to your reply, and every blessing to you precious brother,

    Jim Marklove

    1. Jim:

      I make a commitment to Dr. Horn at Defender Publishing that our ministry would not make the data DVD available until after he ends his special. It should be over in a week or so. Once they have ended their special, we will be offering a signed copy of The Shinar Directive along with the data DVD for $19.95, plus shipping. We will be placing a notice on the KIB site just as soon as it is available. Not sure what the shipping would be to the UK. I imagine the best way to ship it would be International Priority Mail.


      1. Dr Lake,
        Appreciate your prompt reply, will keep an eye out on your site.

        Every Blessing,


    2. I bought it on Amazon for 25.00 shipping was free. Not sure how Amazon works in the UK but worth it to check out. πŸ™‚

      1. I also want to thank Julie and her husband. They have verified that not only is the Shinar Directive now available in Canada on Amazon, but the United Kingdom as well. Thank you so much for your update.

        I encourage everyone in Canada and the UK to share about my book being available now in both countries!

        We also still have more to come. I am developing a seminar based upon the book. I will be teaching it for the first time on March 26-27 in Atlanta. We will soon have DVDs, MP3s, and a study guide to go along with the book. πŸ™‚

        1. Hello,I so appreciate your love and dedication to The Kingdom. I have read this book and am so much better off that I have this resource. I couldn’t put it down. I read it in a very short period of time and will be re-reading it. Please let me know when the sequel comes out (The Sheerith Imperative). I am very interested in any additional resources (DVD’s, audio teaching, etc.) On this book and or the sequel. Thanks for the resources on this site as well. They are SUCH A BLESSING!!

  2. Dr. Lake, Hi and thank you for the important interview I just watched with you and Tom Horn regarding The Shinar Directive.I just had to place my order for your book. This is a book that I have long awaited to be written. I, have studied these issues as well for most of my adult life after becoming a Christian 38 years ago. Thank you again Dr. Lake. May I please ask if you can confirm if there is a secret Illuminati project called Blue Beam Project? I appreciate your help regarding this. May the Lord bless you, your family and ministry.
    Your fellow servant in Christ,
    Kendall Terres

    1. It is such a blessing to me to hear how the interviews were a blessing to you. I pray the book will provide you with more pieces to our end-time puzzle. I have heard of Project Blue Beam, but have not had time yet to trace any of the documentation back to prove its existence. It may be a possible explanation for some of the things that Mary and I have seen, as well as what has been reported back to us from other believers across the nation.

  3. Dr. Lake,
    My wife and I have been using your Remnant Boot camp series as as part of our devotions and are finding them to be an immense blessing as The Lord has recently lead us to your site and teachings, bless you.

    I have a couple of questions and will endeavour to be brief as I realise your time is precious.
    I am 62years old, live in the UK and have known The Lord now for over 30 yers, I took early retirement a short while ago as I felt The Lord speaking to my heart about giving Him the time to use me in these last days.

    Since listening to your interview with Tom Horn on The Shinar Directive where you mentioned the various Biblical Life Courses and the fact that a layperson such as myself could take a course without having to be training for ministry I have felt The Lord prompting me to investigate further.
    Could you please advise which course(s) would be appropriate for my circumstances?

    In addition and I apologise for asking again but still wish to order your book with the free DVD resource and cannot find on your website to-date, is it available yet, the Defender Publishing offer whilst attractive is prohibitive with respect to shipping to the UK?

    Thank you for your patience in reading this and look forward to your response.

    Yours in Him,

    Jim Marklove

    Since hearing your interview

    1. Jim:

      We are still working on the new shopping cart. With promoting the book, interviews, and the like, there seems to not be enough hours in the day to get everything done. We are hoping to have it up and running by the end of the month.

      For those interested in studying the modules that I have developed for Biblical Life College and Seminary, I am making the study guides and lectures available through Biblical Life Publishing. (http://www.biblical-life.net). There has been great interest in these studies outside of BLCS for personal growth, home fellowships, and Church bible studies. We are hoping to update the BLP site soon too.


      Dr. Michael K. Lake

  4. Thank you so much for all the wonderful teaching that you have made available on Youtube and elsewhere. It is so fresh and awesome! You truly are a breath of fresh air in a polluted world. You have blessed me greatly. Praise Yeshua!

  5. Dr Michael and Mary,
    We enjoyed listening to KIB 71. Many times we thought of our ignorance and naΓ―vetΓ© to mind control and witchcraft in 27 years of our pastorate. This program prompted us to buy Mary’s book.
    Dr Lake, we throughly enjoy your use of the Hebraic heritage in your teaching. The western church is so influenced by replacement theology.
    Mary, thank you for your tender heart, compassion and spirit for those who suffer under mind control.
    Paul U Marin, retired pastor

    1. The church has failed in so many ways. I’m in a location where God is not leading me to a church of any kind. Is it wrong to not attend church?

  6. Heard you on shiela z.great show. Now am going thru your site the first time. Cant wait to start learning more. Thank you and say thanks to shiela for me she has an awesome show. I can seem to find her website but i got her podcasts and am getting close to being up to date on hers..gotta check out yours as well..

  7. Hi, I m a a new listener and you two have inspired me and taught me in many new ways.
    Thank you Thank yo Thank you! One question, why am I getting rid of all my pine cones?

    Most fondly,
    Sherry Cunningham

  8. Dr Lake


    What would be your best recommended
    KIB resource for discerning what makes
    up what it means to be the Laodicean Church and how to separate from it?

    Thank you!

    1. Everything in the Laodicean Church is about appears, soundbites, and the appearance of wealth. We need to center up on where the Kingdom of God really resides: within the heart. Depth of the Word and transformation within and without are signs of the Kingdom!

  9. Dr. Lake, I just found your website and when scrolling through the many podcast topics I came upon mind control, 1,2,& 3. I just finished listening to the first with your wife laying out her testimony. Ai yai yai! I think it makes sense now. I was victimized by an extremely verbally abusive, fearful, angry and depressed mother. I was tormented for years. I’ve had memory lapses, I’ve ‘woken up’ while in different circumstances, I’ve lived through a lot of varying types of trauma throughout my 60 years. I’ve prayed for deliverance and healing. That’s my next podcast, the one on prayer. Any other suggestions for me? Thankyou

    1. I would also pray through Mary’s “Prayers of Release.” It is a free PDF download under the “Resources” tab. Blessings!

  10. I follow the teachings of Dr. Lake and have read The Shinar Deirective twice already. I also view SkyWatchTV frequently, and have enjoyed Dr. Lake’s appearances on there. It has been very eye-opening and thought-provoking for me. I recently launched a new Christian website, and on there I have utilized information learned from Dr. Lake. In addition, I have promoted The Shinar Directive within my commentaries, and promoted it on my pages. Could you all take a look at the website, and if you find it to be of sound Biblical doctrine help me promote it to the world? I will leave my site’s name in the appropriate contact box below. Thank you for spreading God’s Truth and may He bless you all in your endeavors!
    In Christ, Eric

  11. Hi, Thanks for your dedication. I had purchased the Shinar Directive w/the DVD and am rereading it. I went to watch the DVD and it will not work. I saw that you sold a set of 2 for $12.00, but the website it had wouldn’t come up. What can I do? I have the Sky Watch special do here tomorrow.

    1. The DVD from SkyWatch TV is not a video DVD: it is a data DVD. The dat DVD has hundred of books in PDF and audio teachings in MP3 that you can use. You need to use the DVD on your computer. Drag and drop the folders onto your computer desktop and double-click on the files to use them.

  12. How do you identify your personal strongholds? How do you take them down?

    1. This is not a subject that can be answered in a line or two in a reply. In fact, it is more like a book or two, because it is a complicated subject. I hope to address this subject in an upcoming book, Unlocking the Nesheq of God. The release is planned sometime in 2018. I am currently working on my next book, The Kingdom Paradigm, which will be released in the Fall of 2017. Until then, I would suggest going to the BLA Digital Library and downloading some of the teachings on Spiritual Warfare: http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/series.htm

  13. I have a question…I just watched some DVDs from Skywatch…my first introduction to your teaching. I am inspired to learn more.
    Wrt mind control and resonance, and microwave tower…I have one right behind my house. I am greatly sensitive and am troubled with hissing in my ears/head; sometimes it is a great distraction. You mentioned a Shuman resonator for protection. I checked online, but I could use some direction on what and where to purchase. Could you please guide me to a trusted source? God bless you and protect you.

  14. Dr. Lake: I have watched several of your Pod Casts and Interviews on SkyWatchTV and Prophecy Watchers and I note on the bible verses you show in parentheses (MEV). I assume that is a BIBLE translation, but I have checked several places and no one has that version. Where can I purchase that version? You are a spectacular Preacher and Teacher!!! I am an 85 year old Korean War Vet (Buck Sgt.) and after graduating from college I attained the rank of Captain in the SC Guard and I am a former S-2 officer and have done some volunteer work with SF & some Spooks. Would love to talk face to face with you someday before they plant me in a National Cemetery as I have much to relate to you. I was also a Principal Design Engr. for one time largest Engineering/Design/Build/Construction Corp. in the world. (Includes work for Smithsonian / Art.-Int. / and M-C in action )… May God continue to bless and protect you and your wonderful wife Mary – WHAT A TEAM FOR THE LORD!!!!!!!!

  15. Dr. Lake: I have watched several of your Pod Casts and Interviews on SkyWatchTV and Prophecy Watchers and I note on the bible verses you show in parentheses (MEV). I assume that is a BIBLE translation, but I have checked several places and no one has that version. Where can I purchase that version? You are a spectacular Preacher and Teacher!!! I am an 85 year old Korean War Vet (Buck Sgt.) and after graduating from college I attained the rank of Captain in the SC Guard and I am a former S-2 officer and have done some volunteer work with SF & some Spooks. Would love to talk face to face with you someday before they plant me in a National Cemetery as I have much to relate to you. I was also a Principal Design Engr. for one time largest Engineering/Design/Build/Construction Corp. in the world. (Includes work for Smithsonian / Art.-Int. / and M-C in action )… May God continue to bless and protect you and your wonderful wife Mary – WHAT A TEAM FOR THE LORD!!!!!!!!

    1. MEV stands for the Modern English Version. It is extremely accurate to the original Hebrew and Greek, and does not use Westcott and Hort. I purchased mine on Amazon. They have a great Giant Print Version – love the layout. Hopefully soon the publisher will bring out a genuine leather edition. Bonded leather does not hold up to a preacher’s use. πŸ™‚

  16. I have your Sheeriyth Imperative book. I’ve learned a lot from it. Currently, I’m in the section on fasting. I’ve felt led to fast more often, but I’m afraid to for fear of turning it from something for God to a method of losing weight. I’m a ‘big’ girl and in need of losing weight. When I fast I constantly have to remind myself that it’s for getting closer to God and not weight loss. How do I quit thinking of weight loss and obey God with fasting? I want to fast properly but my weight is getting in the way, if that makes any sense.

    1. I have two messages in MP3 that might help.

      A Call to a Life of Fasting: http://www.biblical-life.com/downloads/fasting1.mp3
      Beyond a Life of Fasting: http://www.biblical-life.com/downloads/fasting2.mp3

      You might also want to listen to this one as well: Overcoming a Hindering Spirit – http://www.biblical-life.com/downloads/hindrance.mp3


      1. Thank you. I’ll listen to them today.

  17. I was wondering if Dr. Lake has any teachings on the tithing scriptures and on the sabbath?

    1. Spiritual Dynamics of the Tithe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSU_1DeOMyE
      The Sabbath: A Biblical Investigation: http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/series.htm (Scroll down to the series to download in MP3)

  18. Dear Bro Mike & Sis Mary Lou
    I really enjoyed both of you sharing on NYSTV. I was recently watching another episode with Scott Hensler and David Carrico, that touched on subjects that both of you have discussed but from a very different perspective. But when they were discussing dealing with people seeking deliverance, closing the third eye (filtering out Horus oriented stuff with a view to submitting totally to Holy Spirit given revelation / wisdom, I thought of Mary’s talk on NYSTV. This show definitely exposes the means by which much evil is being perpetrated. https://youtu.be/5a56-5VIxYQ

  19. Loren Capsopoulos

    Dr. Lake,
    I first heard about you while watching Steve Quayle on YouTube and I have since ordered one of your books. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, came from a Protestant background, and prior to becoming Orthodox, I practiced Wicca for 9 years, and I also have a 6 year history of attending a local Jewish Temple and attending Torah study every Saturday for 2 years. Strange combination, I know. I am finding a lack of discussion among the Orthodox on the topics you present – feeling I am not getting what I need spiritually. My husband and I will be attending the Branson Conference in the fall, mostly because he was raised by an atheist mother and he is very reluctant to believe any form of religion, plus I feel we both need as much teaching in the Way that we can get at this time! Do you know of any churches in the North Alabama region who teach from your perspective?? I appreciate everything you are doing and I feel it is helping me gain knowledge and connection.

    1. Because of both the academic and spiritual warfare journey I have been on over the past decades, Biblical Life tends to be pretty unique. πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Dr Lake,
    Do you have any literature on what you do when keeping the feasts? What do you do when celebrating Passover? Do you follow the steps listed on the Jewish webstites? What about the other feast days? I would appreciate if you could let me know of any reference material – I don’t want to do the wrong thing. Also, what does a person do that cannot take time off work to celebrate the feasts?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. I do have a series that I taught on the Feasts, as well as many other series that are available in MP3 that can be downloaded freely. Here is the link: http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/series.htm

  21. Dr Lake,

    I was just watching your presentation “Jericho: The Anatomy of a Stronghold” in which you mention a Schumann resonator. Any suggestions on where to purchase one? A quick Google search offers devises from $20 – $200.

    Thank you,

    1. We use the one made by Total Shield. Their units are available on Amazon.

  22. Can you recommend the right shuman resignator 7.83 ?

    1. We use the one made by Total Shield. Their units are available on Amazon.

  23. drlakeblcs – (re: Total Shield)
    Do you know if this is going to also cover the new Gen5 – G5 technology coming our way?

    1. At the present time, we do not know exactly what 5G will be (i.e., frequency). But since it is going to be delivered via satellite, we will not have to worry about proximity to the magnetic field, like with cell phone towers.

  24. Joseph Liberadzki

    Dr. Lake,
    What is your conclusions on the recent You tube material about September 23 2017 and the revelation signs in the heavens by Scott Clarke and others? Love your books.

    1. I only research things as directed by the Holy Spirit. He has not had me take the time to examine and research what Scott has done.

  25. Any thoughts on the Solar Eclipse that’s starting day of Teshuva?
    2017 Fall Feast
    Yom Teruach – 9/21/2017Β 
    Yom Kippur – 9/30/2017
    Sukkot – 10/5 – 10/12/2017

    August 21, 2017 Total Eclipse

    Just putting it out there!

    Shalom Brenda

    1. I believe that it is Almighty God placing supernatural emphasis on the need to Teshuva! It is the call of the Remnant.

  26. As a now Retired Health Professional, I encountered patients[ c. 1991 ] with Multiple Personality Disorder — only receiving SECULAR directives for their care…Prayed silently Often, I can tell you! We uninitiated staff members did the best we could, but known now, thanks to Mary Lou, what Really Works to Effect Healing. I do so Appreciate Mary Lou’s Generosity in sharing her personal / spiritual journey to Healing – can confirm much as Truth … Pray today’s health prof. DO Hear & Learn from these Excellent Sources! God bless you Both !!!

  27. Shalom shalom.
    I heard U today on Now You See TV and Ive listened to A change in the Kingdom of GOD, & a couple of others.
    The teachings grabbed my attention
    To me it was Holy Spirit leading me to what I needed to hear.
    I keep Sabbath, alone, I have done so for a couple of years, Generally read the Torah readings and such and generally read and write about what ‘grabs me’.
    I need more.
    I fast 3 times a week & pray in the Spirit as much as possible.
    I want to do The Fathers will,
    im not ignorant of what U teach but lack the know how. Im not sure that conveys me correctly.
    Thank U for the teachings but I want to grow in more understanding. As a teacher in the Spirit of GOD what do U suggest I read and study materials.
    Yours in The Blood Of Christ.
    Brutha’s Of The Blood of Messiah.

  28. Brother and Sister Lake,
    Thank you so much for your obedience unto the Lord and dedication to making available such amazing teachings! I ca’t even get past Understanding the Kingdom for having to go back and hear it again from the beginning. You are my “church” right now and you have encouraged me to recommit my life to Jesus and push forward in my relationship and growth in Him. You and your ministry are in my prayers and I love you both very much. God Bless you both mightily. Rena

  29. Thank you for your obedience

  30. Dr. Lake. My name is Anthony Watts.
    I need to set up a meeting with you.

    Please respond to my email so we can exchange numbers.

    I’m sorry I’m late but I think you and God have been waiting for me.

    Anthony Watts

    1. Anthony: My current schedule for phone calls in now booked through the end of the year. I wish that we could serve more, but there simply is not enough hours in the day.

  31. Please let me know how I can listen to the first 100 podcasts.

    1. Go to the “Category” section on the left of the page and click on “podcasts.” This will bring them all up. You can also go to http://biblicallife.libsyn.com for the direct RSS feed.

  32. I just finished reading The Shinar Directive, please tell me, what are your thoughts on Nimrods “becoming” a god? Do you think that when semiramus told people that her son tammuz was Nimrod reincarnated and a god, which in turn gave the illusion to freemasons the belief in this lie and that they too could “become gods” and based their whole “religion” on it as a lie that satan created?

    1. That was the premise we presented in the book. πŸ™‚

  33. Would you recommend a good resource to help a Gentile Christian family with young children understand and know how to celebrate the Jewish feasts?

    1. For ideas on celebrating the Feasts of the LORD in your home, this is a good reference: https://www.amazon.com/Family-Guide-Biblical-Holidays-Activities/dp/0970181604/ref=sr_1_1?crid=FB18GY17W1QE&keywords=biblical+feasts+robin+sampson&qid=1574776084&sprefix=biblical+feast%2Caps%2C175&sr=8-1 . Also, don’t be afraid of creating some of your own. Always make Jesus and what He has done for us and will do in the future as the centerpiece of your celebrations . . . and have fun with it!

  34. First time to hear you. Already edified in a major way. How do I get DVDs or CDs

  35. Is there a way to contact Dr. Lake other than through the blog, ie. Email? I dont see an email listed on your site.

    1. You will find the ministry’s email address right on the “about” page.

  36. Dr. Lake, I have just finished reading The Sheeriyth Imperative. This book was very timely for me as I have been telling my friends and family that we are living in the end times.
    My 19 year old daughter has been struggling with sadness and depression due to the changes in her collegiate life with Covid. I spoke to her at length last night sharing what you present in your book. Using words she can understand, I told her that the demons of darkness are trying to find a way into her life to take away her joy and happiness. I told her that the best way to combat this is to read her bible, recognize the evil surrounding her and to not give satan a foothold in her life. She knew exactly what I was talking about and was able to look at her current situation much differently. That is how God has worked in my life, he gives me the words to use when I need them. Thank you!

  37. I am sorry for your losses these past couple of weeks. I get it. I have lost a man dear to me, Loren Sanford, and my prayer partner, both to covid. Blessings to you as your navigate and allow Holy Spirit to fill the holes you now feel.

    The man named Russ who had such an impact on your lives… has he authored any books? I could not make out his last name on your podcast.

  38. Dr. Lake, I am looking for good Word- & Spirit-directed teaching on Ephesians 6:12 (“principalities & powers, rulers of darkness, wickedness in high places…Greek “arche, exousia, kosmokraters…”, etc.)

    Or what course(s) might cover this?!? I know you and Mrs. Lake (‘What Witches …’) have personally dealt with this higher level (regional) warfare.

    My wife Peggy and I are dealing with this here in Independence, MO. Looking for some guidance….seems most spiritual warfare teaching is “bottom-up” rather than “top-down” like what Ephesians 6:12 suggests.

    1. Dr. Lake covers this extensively in his book, The Kingdom Priesthood. At least two chapters on “The Principality Wars.”

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