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Keeping informed about KIB issues.

We Are Back from Vacation, But . . .

We try our best to protect our office equipment. We have a whole building surge protector and each electric plugin has its own surge protector too. However, we have returned to our offices from vacation to discover both high-speed internet modems do not work, neither is our phone system, wifi router or credit card terminal. (We are still checking other equipment)

Problems with Recording for Biblical Life TV – February 2019

The Shepherd’s Staff and Spiritual Warfare Biblical Life TV We recently filmed for Biblical Life TV.  The session was titled, The Shepherd’s Staff and Spiritual Warfare.  After preparing slides and importing the video into Final Cut Pro, we discovered that there was no sound for the video.  We are not sure what caused this problem […]

Censorship and Other Weird Things

Censorship and Other Weird Things There are reports all over the Internet in which not only are alternative news agencies being censored but so are Christian ministries.  There are other weird things happening as well.  Our friend, Shelia Zilinski, at Weekend Vigilante, suddenly lost 80% of her followers on Twitter (which were in the tens of […]