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Interview with Derek Gilbert | KIB 42

Interview with Derek Gilbert Kingdom Intelligence Briefing | Episode 42 Derek Gilbert is the host of the long running podcast, a View from the Bunker, and is the News Anchor for SkyWatch TV.  In this episode, Dr. Lake and Derek discuss many topics from his cutting-edge interviews on VFTB:  from the threat of Transhumanism to […]

Understanding the Kingdom Part 7

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 7 Biblical Life TV with Michael K. Lake, Th.D.   In this episode of Understanding the Kingdom, we discover the next wave of forbidden knowledge is introduced to mankind by a class of angels the Book of Enoch calls the “Watchers.” These fallen beings have come to corrupt mankind’s souls […]

KIB 40: Josh Peck – Cherubim Chariots

KIB 40: Josh Peck – Cherubim Chariots In this episode, Dr. Lake best-selling author, Josh Peck, regarding his new book, Cherubim Chariots: Exploring the Extra-dimensional Hypothesis. This discussion expands our understanding on higher dimensional planes of existence and how they correlate to the spiritual realm revealed in the Word of God. Josh also does an […]

The Illuminati Unmasked

The Illuminati Unmasked with Johnny Cirucci KIB Episode 38 Johnny Cirucci is the author of the well-researched book, The Illuminati Unmasked. In this episode, we discuss his research concerning the center of the occult core that governs the Babylonia system of the entire world. Johnny has found that no matter what the conspiracy, no matter […]

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 5

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 5 Biblical Life TV   In this episode, we examine several things: (1) Did all of the angels fall when Lucifer fell or was their fall progressive throughout history?, (2) The Nachash is the symbol for all illumination within all esoteric societies and this wisdom James calls devilish, (3) God’s […]

Dr. Lake’s Interview on Hagmann and Hagmann Report

Episode 36 – Hagmann and Hagmann Report Interviews with Dr. Michael Lake Kingdom Intelligence Briefing In this episode, Doug and Joe Hagmann of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report provide a three-hour interview with Dr. Michael Lake regarding his new best-selling book, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition.  Join the Kingdom’s top PIs […]