Archbishop of Canterbury Agrees with the Shinar Directive


Archbishop of Canterbury Agrees with the Shinar Directive

In the last article drawn from my new book, the Shinar Directive, I share the possible scenario of how the Elite are drawing from Plato’s Republic to create a cast system with Transhumanism.  In a recent news article, the Archbishop of Canterbury came to a similar conclusion:

Archbishop of Canterbury’s dystopian vision of robot future amid Wall Street address condemning growing gap between rich and poor . The rise of robots and gene therapy could allow a tiny ultra-rich elite to amass ever more power while almost everyone else grows poorer, the Archbishop of Canterbury has told an audience on Wall Street. The Most Rev Justin Welby set out a bleak, dystopian vision of a future in which growing numbers of people live out a “life sentence to poverty” while others act as if they had a “divine right to wealth”. He also issued an unrepentant defence of his recent comments about inequality in the UK, which have infuriated the Conservatives and led to accusations from some quarters that archbishops should stick to religion not politics. The Archbishop, a former City oil executive, said the Bible is ambivalent about wealth itself but is “absolutely clear” in its condemnation of unrestrained inequality. Allowing the gap between rich and poor to widen unchecked “always” ultimately leads to abuse and corruption, he said.


Archbishop Of Canterbury Warns Artificial Intelligence And Human Genetic Alterations Will Create End-Times Caste System, Give Elites Superhuman Power.


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