1st Annual Blessed Hope Forum – October 2017


Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum 2017

October 13-15, 2017  – Norman, Oklahoma


Brought to you courtesy of The Prophecy Watchers, Skywatch TV and 30 incredible, world-class Bible teachers! 


The 1st annual Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum is coming to the luxurious John Q. Hammons Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman, Oklahoma. On October 13-15, 2017, we’re expecting 2,000 friends from all over the world to descend on this beautiful hotel and conference center for the prophetic conference of the year. Our 1st prophecy conference in Colorado Springs was awesome in every way, but we’re working hard to make this one even better.


There’s no better time to enjoy the beauty of Oklahoma than October—Indian Summer! No tornadoes, black ice, or hail storms! The weather and the sunsets should be beautiful, the speakers of course will be amazing and you’ll be in familiar company, surrounded by thousands of prophecy lovers, all anxiously awaiting the Lord’s return. The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles just so happens to fall on the same dates as our conference, so come and join us as we “tabernacle” together and celebrate the Blessed Hope in our home state! If the Lord doesn’t return soon, we plan on making this an annual event, so be sure to come and be part of the first celebration. We’ll be celebrating the good news of the Lord’s soon return, exploring the prophecies of the Bible and preparing to spend eternity with Jesus! You’re guaranteed to head for home on “Cloud Nine!”


We’ve added quite a few brand new (but well-known) speakers this year—30 SPEAKERS in all! There’s nothing quite like a Prophecy Watchers conference. You will get the chance to meet many of your favorites authors and speakers face to face—heroes of the faith to many of you. Shake their hands, visit their book tables, ask them questions, perhaps even share a meal together. Make no mistake, this is the place to be come October of 2017.

Just look at this fabulous list of prophecy experts . . .


  • Gary Stearman
  • Derek Gilbert
  • L.A. Marzulli
  • Randall Price
  • Tommy Ice
  • Bill Koenig
  • Bill Salus
  • Sharon Gilbert
  • Claudia Koenig
  • Dr. Danny Ben Gigi
  • Tim Alberino
  • Brent Miller, Sr.
  • Ron Rhodes
  • Gary Frazier
  • Billy Crone
  • Carl Teichrib
  • Dr. Ken Johnson
  • JD Farag
  • Dr. Michael Lake
  • David Hocking
  • Josh Peck
  • Andy Woods
  • Jack Langford
  • Bob Maginnis
  • Jeff Kinley
  • Tim Mahoney
  • Pastor Tom Hughes

Registration for the event is $90.00 for the entire three-day conference using the link below, or by calling Prophecy Watchers toll free at 888 722-0008.

Registration for the First Annual Blessed Hope Forum


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