Understanding the Kingdom – Part 13

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 13 | Biblical Life TV


BLTV_logoIn this episode Dr. Lake examines the tendencies of the World’s System compared to biblical Egypt.  He also examines each of the ten plagues that God released on Egypt and how each of them was an attack on the Egyptian gods.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob proved that He was the only true God and was more than able to deliver His people.


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  1. Dr. Lake, I am 71 years old an have been a Pastor or Minister of Christian Education for approximately 50 years, and in all that time I have never had a “mentor” to help me follow what I felt was the truth of The Word of God until the Holy Spirit lead me to you. Thank you for your teaching, I am on 16 of understanding the Kingdom and have read you latest books and just ordered your DVDs and study guides on the Feast and Eating God’s Way. Keep Leading and I will Keep following.

    1. I am both blessed and humbled by your kind comments. Keep moving forward in the Kingdom.

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