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KIB 265 – Recompense and the Mark of God

How do we interpret what is going on around the world today? Is it the end or just the prelude to the tribulation period? How is the Remnant to prepare for the days ahead? Is Heaven going to be silent, as the plans of the deep state march forward, or does the Almighty have a plan? Finally, with all of the talk about the mark of the beast, why is no one talking about the importance of the mark of God? We are at a pivotal point in history, and our vision and purpose must be aligned with the Kingdom.

KIB 264 – Liberty and God’s Purpose for America

When one speaks of liberty, what does he really mean? To the secular individual, liberty means one thing. To the biblically minded Christian, liberty means something completely different. Are we free in Christ to obey the Word or do anything we want under the label of grace? How does the Law of God connect to our liberty? These questions are essential in restoring America.

The Holy Spirit vs. Confusion and Chaos

Two ancient enemies are hidden in the Hebrew of Genesis 1:2:  Confusion and Chaos.  These enemies are rising around the world to prepare the way for the son of perdition.   

This same verse from the book of Genesis reveals the Kingdom solution:  it is the Holy Spirit.  The task of the Remnant in this hour is to become so filled with the Holy Spirit that it begins to affect these ancient spirits.  It is our kingdom assignment as both priests and tabernacles of the Holy Spirit in the earth.  

KIB 263 – The Coming Recompense of God

Recompense is a powerful concept in the Word of God. When the Almighty moves to give recompense to humanity, the righteous are blessed, and the unrighteous are destroyed by their own works. We are entering into such a time in this biblical cycle. In September, God is going to release recompense upon the Western world. Are we ready? The forty days of Teshuvah will be essential before the Day of Atonement this year. Remnant, prepare yourself for the days ahead!

KIB 262 – Uncleanness, Holiness, and the Last Days

Lilith and a host of unclean spirits have been released upon the world in the past few months. The apostle Paul reveals in 2 Tim. 3:1-9, that the only way to combat these spirits in the last days is through a position of godliness (or holiness). It is time to abandon the intoxicating nectar of Babylon and return to the purity of God’s Word. What will earmark the Remnant in the days ahead will be godliness in their lives!

KIB 261 – A Kingdom Key: Loving God & Loving People | Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

In the turmoil of our times, the words of Jesus in Matt. 23:34-40 become more important than ever. The Remnant must learn to balance loving God and loving people at the same time. Without this balance, we can either become cold and indifferent to the human condition or allow individual circumstances to alter biblical theology. When faith and love are in the proper balance, mountains can be moved, and lives restored.

KIB 260 – The Jacobin Spirit is Loosed in America

Are modern-day Jacobins using the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd as a reason to bring chaos to the streets of America? The riots and looting are destroying the justified peaceful protests of our fellow Americans. The Jacobins were the cause of the bloody French revolution and were hated by all Americans in the early days of our Republic. Today, a leading progressive magazine proudly bears its name: The Jacobin Magazine. Is the Deep State attempting to distract our citizens or cause the downfall of our Republic? There must be a spiritual response given from the Remnant!

KIB 259 – New Wineskins for New Fire

The Almighty is about to do something new. In Matt. 9:14-17, Jesus shared about the need for new wineskins before the new wine could be given. With each major move of God, there was a time of reflection, fasting, and repentance that led to the renewal of the spirit and heart. We are in such a moment, and the Remnant needs restoration to prepare them for the next phase. Change is coming. Are we willing to spend the time preparing our hearts for fresh fire?

KIB 258 – Countdown to Pentecost and the Remnant

Can you sense it in the spirit? There is a countdown coming. It is a countdown to Pentecost. There is a new fire coming to empower the Remnant in the Last Days. Fear will have no place, only faith blazing in the heart of God’s people. There is a new boldness coming to the Remnant and a new anointing to face down the work of the Nephilim and Watchers. Are you ready?

KIB 257 – Divine Order, Leadership, and Spiritual Warfare

There are patterns within the Word of God to teach us how the Kingdom operates. One such model is Israel’s journey from the Red Sea to Mount Sinai. We are presently at that moment with the conflict between the Amalekites (giants) that arose to stop Israel from reaching Mount Sinai! Biblical order, understanding leadership, and authority will be essential to learn the spiritual warfare necessary for the days ahead.