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KIB 415 – Preparing for a Higher Level of Spiritual Warfare

We are entering a period in which the enemy will be in overdrive to stop what God is doing, and, at the same time, we will see God moving in power and divine judgment.  The Remnant must be ready for what lies before us in 2024 and beyond.  Having our lives free from demonic entanglement and knowing how to drive our demonic forces is an integral part of our strategies in this conflict between light and darkness. 

KIB 84 – Covenant, the Prophetic River, and Judgment

KIB 84 – Covenant, the Prophetic River, and Judgment Kingdom Intelligence Briefing In this episode, Dr. Michael and Mary Lake use Jeremiah Chapters 10 & 11 as the backdrop of discussing a proper understanding of covenant (and its responsibilities), the visitation of the Kingdom that is coming (the Prophetic River), and the need for balanced […]