KIB 190 – A Fresh Look at Psalm 37 and November 2018

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KIB 190 – A Fresh Look at Psalm 37 and November 2018

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Prophetic scriptures can have a ripple effect upon history and the lives of humanity. Besides their ultimate fulfillment, there are also mini-fulfillments when God’s Remnant awakens and seeks the Kingdom of God. Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake believe we are at such a moment of fulfillment in America with Psalm 37. While the Luciferian Elite attempt to work against a sovereign move of God, Almighty God laughs at them! It is time to make sure our hearts are completely aligned with the King and His Kingdom and speak, act, and pray in the Kingdom flow in this prophetic moment in history.

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling books, The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell. Dr. Lake is a popular speaker at national Christian conferences and is a frequent guest on many Christian TV and radio/podcast programs in North America.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.


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  1. I love listening to both of you and I am so happy that our Lord is getting his remnant together with believers all over the world. Your ministry has been such a blessing to me that I thank God every day that he led me to you.

    I feel the Lord has been telling me lately that I must make the ultimate preparation in these end times and that is, to prepare to die for my belief in him. He is telling me that even if one of my loved ones dies that it is not necessarily a bad thing as he may be saving them from something much worse if they remained alive. He brought my attention to this verse in Isaiah 57.1 which says
    “The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.
    God bless you both and I look forward to seeing you some day in our true home with our King Jesus!

  2. Thanks for another great podcast. I see that Ruth Ginsburg has been hospitalized.(I am Canadian) It reminded me that I had a dream the end of Sept. here is my journal entry: “Ruth Ginsberg had died & it was a forboding of great turmoil/uprising/ civil war, because it would mean Pres. Trump got to appoint another conservative judge. Democrats would not accept that. It took me a min to recognize who it was because the woman I saw was much younger than she looks now.” It was so real I told my husband before we checked, as I fully expected to hear/see it announced. Our prayers are with you.

  3. I pray the divisiveness in the body is done away with. Man has adopted titles like Baptist Methodist Pentecostal Catholic Lutheran etc etc to divide the body. These titles do not apply in God’s Kingdom. No where have I read Yeshua or the Apostles call themselves divisive titles. We are ALL the body all connected as one.I pray we begin to discard these titles and become united in His purposes. Maybe this is one reason why the Remnant is leaving the brick and mortar ‘churches’ Is it because they understand the unity necessary for putting aside labels that divide? They understand this is just another trick of Lucifer to keep us ineffectual. Whether it be skin color or nationality or “church title” they all divide the true body of Messiah.
    Yahshua’s Kingdom has none of this no, there is but one body, with Him as the head.
    My humble opinion which may matter to no one is if we are to truly emulate the Kingdom these so-called titles must be tossed in the trash bin where they belong. I always keep this in back of my mind..if man thinks it up it’s usually in opposition to God the Father.

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