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KIB podcasts to empower the Remnant

KIB 254 – The Josiah Generation

In the midst of the current crisis, there is going to be a multi-pronged revival that is going to be released from heaven. A critical component of this revival is our younger generations that will have a Josiah anointing upon their lives. This anointing will allow them to come out of paganism (both outside and inside the church). They will rebuild the temple within, rediscover the fullness of God’s Word, and have a passion for God and biblical holiness like no other generation before them! Now is the time to intercede for the awakening of the Josiah generation.

KIB 253 – It’s Time to Shout During the Pandemic

Every believer knows the story of Passover and its marked victory over Pharaoh. However, few realize that there was another victory during the Feast of Unleavened Bread against a Nephilim-based stronghold – Jericho. It was during the days of Unleavened Bread that Israel marched around the walls of Jericho and ended with a mighty shout that brought the walls down. The same thing can happen today with the pandemic agenda of the Elite. This episode is a call to action for the Remnant worldwide!

KIB 252 – Hope in the Midst of the Storm

In the midst of the current pandemic, people are asking, “Is our prophetic goose cooked, or is there a plan of God for after the storm?” We also need to ask ourselves, “What does the Almighty want us to do during this storm?” Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake work to answer these questions and more in this new podcast. How we respond now, both to God and the working of the Luciferian Elite, may well determine what will happen after the storm!

KIB 251 – Pandemic, Passover, and 2020

In this episode, Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake examine some of the news about the current pandemic and call for wisdom and common sense for all believers. Passover is just around the corner. The Lakes first share some interesting insights from the Word of God. Then Mary shares how she has prepared for Passover: providing ideas and suggestions for your family to follow as we remember what Messiah has accomplished for us.

KIB 250 – Prayer Making a Huge Difference

The prayers of the saints are making a huge difference. A girl near-death is now home and recovering with her family. The earthquake in Utah shakes the trumpet out of the hands of the statue of Moroni. God is strategically breaking the occult power that has been built in this nation. Members of Congress are showing their true nature in suspending aid to the American families to incorporate the agenda of the Deep State – to include a digital U.S. currency! The Holy Spirit is moving and giving strategic prayers to the saints that can turn the tide. Now is the time to seek Heaven for the fire of God to fall on the nations. First, we need the fire of repentance. Then, we can move toward the glory of God being revealed to this generation!

KIB 249 – Kingdom Intelligence to Break the Occult Agenda

From the hybridization of our food supply to chimeric viruses, the occult has had an agenda for millennia. Now as these workers of darkness move forward with their hellish agenda, the Holy Spirit is revealing strategic information to move the Body of Christ into prayerful action. The prayers of the saints are working to frustrate the plans of the enemy. Now it is time for more of the Church to awaken, enter into their prayer closets, and change the world around them!

KIB 248 Standing in the Gap

In these trying times, the kingdom of darkness is unleashing attacks on Christians that have not been seen before. Dr. Lake and Mary take a look at some of the monuments and events held in states and cities, and they encourage the listeners to stand their ground and pray to block the attacks through the breaches that have been devised by those involved in the Mystery Religions. They review how to gird up the walls of safety and how to pray to help others under attack.

KIB 247 – The Anointing of Shammah to Stand Your Ground

Shammah was one of David’s mighty men. When everyone else ran, Shammah stood his ground and overcame the advances of the Philistines. In this prophetic hour, Almighty God is anointing His Remnant to withstand the advances of the Mystery Religions that have invaded our music and even the numbering of the verses in the Bible. It is time to return to a pure faith so that we can walk in the Kingdom in power, authority, and a new level of faithfulness!

KIB 245 – Reflections: Positive and Negative

Reflections can be used by both the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God. Our past can serve the enemy’s purpose by obfuscating the truth of who we are now in Christ. Whereas, the Word of God can serve to show who we have become in Christ. It is now time to throw off the lies of the past and to embrace our inheritance in Messiah to become His Remnant in this generation!