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KIB podcasts to empower the Remnant

KIB 217 – The Everlasting God and His Kingdom

In this episode, Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake examine news from the headlines: from the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein to the earthquakes in California. The Lakes also provide a teaching on the everlasting concept of the Kingdom, Almighty God, and the Gospel. In the midst of all the shaking, believers are a part of a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Our hope, trust, faith, assurance, and peace are found in Christ alone!

KIB 216 – The Realities of Life and the Kingdom

There are some preaching today that if you have enough faith, it will be like living during the Millennial Reign. However, the writings of the New Testament share a different story. It is a story of how God walks with us and works in and through us in the midst of the pressures of life and our own humanness. We are all called to be conformed into the image of Christ, and God has our back every step of the way!

KIB 215 – The Fire of God, Building Faith, and Pushing Through

We are in a season of Kingdom development. This is true, whether we are developing faith in the Kingdom to overcome Watcher technologies in our day or building God’s wall of protection and spiritual growth in our lives. Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake share important insights in the tactics of the enemy, how to overcome them through Kingdom principles, and the biblical dynamic of determination and consistent growth in our lives, as well as the function of the fire of God in this process.

KIB 214 – Preparing for the Fire of God

Shavuot is just a few weeks away. Between Jesus’ ascension and the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, there were ten days in which the disciples tarried in Jerusalem. These faithful followers of Jesus were doing more than just hanging out in the Upper Room eating donuts and drinking coffee: They were preparing their hearts for the fire of God! Dr. Mike and Mary Lou Lake discuss how the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel is a perfect example of preparing for the fire of God and all that goes along with it. Now is the time to prepare and be open to what God is going to do next!

KIB 213 – The Prophetic Wrestling with God

In this episode, Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake discuss Jacob’s wrestling with God (Gen. 32:22-30) and how it prophetically speaks in our day to Israel, America, and the individual believer. This wrestling not only involves God but Principalities and the Mystery Religions. This session is indeed a word in season for both the weary believer and those viewing end-time prophecy.

KIB 212 Laodicea in La La Land and the Need to Break Free

The effects of mind control on our society are more apparent now than ever before. Dr. Lake expounds on 2 Corinthians 4:1-4 and how it relates to our current state. Mary shares another victory in the Kingdom of God over the evil territorial entities governing our land. They discuss how important it is for every believer to be aware of what the enemy has done to ensnare the younger generations and how we can pray to overcome what the kingdom of darkness has already accomplished. Almighty God is going to break the shackles, free minds and restore our children so they can fulfill their divine destinies and become great fighters in the faith, bringing in a great harvest of souls.

KIB 211 – Principalities and the Foundations of the Earth

Psalm 82 and many other passages warn that fallen members of the Divine Council labor to alter the foundations of God upon the Earth. Yet, it is their very actions that prompt divine retribution and judgment. Both Jesus in Matthew, Chapter 24, and the writer of Hebrews in Chapter 12 reveal that the Almighty is going to shake the powers established in the Second Heaven. Finally, in Chapter 12 of Hebrews, we are warned to make sure that we are established on the Kingdom that cannot be shaken! It is time to realign ourselves, our lives, and our ministries with the Third Heaven and the absolute rulership of Jesus. There is both a revival coming and a shaking of Second Heaven powers. Are you ready?