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KIB podcasts to empower the Remnant

KIB 284 – Having Done All . . . Stand

We are in the midst of two levels of warfare: (1) Spiritual (Principality Wars), and (2) Physical (Communist Revolution). We must not grow weary in well-doing but become resolved to stand for biblical truth and freedom. As instructed by the apostle Paul, “and having done all, to stand.” Now is the time to press forward in prayer and to move in righteousness!

KIB 283 – Hold the Line | Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

There are great parallels between the biblical story of Hezekiah and Sennacherib and today’s body of Christ in America and the terroristic behavior of the Communistic left. Now is not the time to listen to the modern-day prophets of Baal, but rather hold fast to the prophetic words of God’s prophets today. As we continue to humble ourselves before Almighty God, Heaven will reveal the hidden for all to see!

KIB 282 –America’s Future | Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Many believed that after November 3d, the election would be over. We may be looking at some court battles before the final outcome. The Remnant must have two responses: (1) Press forward in prayer, and (2) press deeper into the Kingdom. Almighty God is still in control. It is time to learn to be a part of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken!

KIB 280 – The Hidden is Being Revealed and a Shift in the Spirit | Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Jesus promised in Luke 8:17 that everything being hidden will be revealed. As the Remnant members pray, this promise in being fulfilled. We are turning a corner in this spiritual warfare, and now the Remnant prayer warriors must press in for the victory. This victory must include both the stopping of darkness and winning of souls into the Kingdom.

KIB 279 – Overcoming Occult-Powered Persuasion

The New Age Movement and the Mystery Religions influence every aspect of society, to include the Church. Their use of both psycho-sorcery and techno-sorcery is now so commonplace, we have become conditioned to accept their influence and agenda without thought. The Remnant must break free of their influence, return to the purity of the faith, and solely move in the Kingdom of God.

KIB 278 – In the Heat of Battle

Recently, key leaders in the body of Christ hosted a national day of repentance. This “Return” must be more than an event, it must become a movement. From the hallowed ground of repentance, an army of spiritual warriors must arise to combat the supernatural powers that seek to overturn America. It is time for divine recompense and the scattering of darkness. It is time for the Remnant to mobilize in prayer.

KIB 276 – Trumpets and the Pending Judgment of God

The Feast of Trumpets is not only a time in which Heaven makes announcements, but the King draws near to hear from His people. In the light of the Color Revolution that is being planned in America by the radical left, the Days of Awe can be used by the Remnant to turn the tide. To clues we need are found in Genesis 1 in three Hebrew words: tohuw, bohuw, and male’. Find out what all this means in this week’s timely podcast!

KIB 275 – Seeds and Roots: The True Nature of Spiritual Warfare

Seeds bring roots and then fruit. This concept is true with both God’s seed and the seeds of darkness. Level 1 spiritual warfare requires us to attack the enemy’s root systems in our lives, while at the same time nurturing God’s system within us. Learn how to destroy the roots of the enemy and to move forward in this crucial time in the Kingdom.