Canaanite Altar and the Federal Reserve – Part 2

Canaanite Altar & the Federal Reserve - Part 2

The Canaanite Altar & the Federal Reserve – Part 2

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast – Episode 21


Greetings, Remnant of the Most High God!  I want to thank everyone that has emailed and called regarding the new format to our podcast.  We are always delighted to hear from you, and we are glad to hear the podcast has been such a blessing.

The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing is now more than just a podcast!  We now have a website dedicated to our new goal of serving as a source of information for the Body of Christ.  You will find podcasts, articles, news, and updates at the site.  You can also sign up to be notified by email anytime we post new information.  The new website is:
Update:  I wrote an article last week called, “The Ongoing War Against Christian Education.”  In this article, I detailed how the Elite are planning on shutting down traditional Christian education through the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.  This article is now posted to the KIB Website and has been picked up as the “Top Story” this week on Raiders News Network.
In This Episode:  We are continuing with the rebroadcast of part 2 with Professor Rob Skiba and Ten Bence discussing the Canaanite/Nephilim Altar, the formation of the Federal Reserve, and various areas of Spiritual Warfare that believers need to be informed on.  This episode covers almost three hours of vital information!
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  1. Thank you Lord GOD for your Great Love. It is such an amazing ministry bro Timothy has. Thank you so much for this teaching about how to be closer to you Lord Jesus..

  2. Brother Tim Bence really given me through our Lord and Savior so much vital information.
    I now have just another way to understand the ways in which our Savior’s mind operates.
    To be one with HIM, in thought, behavior and in speech. When the LORD said that David was a man after the LORD’S own heart, I’m closer now as to what that truly means.
    Perspective with abundance of detail is exactly what brother Tim Bence has spoken to me through the
    awesome living Creator we have as LORD and SAVIOR YAHUSHUA HaMassiah. AH MEIN

  3. Thomas S. McEween

    Good stuff, this was so re-freshing, and much weight was added to Tim’s words by his heart, for his own repentance that was disclosed throughout the recording of part I and II.

    I greatly have Appreciated this gift to my own soul.

    Thank you

    Thomas S. McEwen Th.b. M.Div.

  4. I just re-listened to this podcast. What a blessing and encouragement. I didn’t feel my toes stepped on, but I felt some holy arrows piece my heart. God is so good. May we all seek His Face and His healing for our land. Thank you, Dr. Lake, for keeping all these podcasts in a form that is easy to come to and share with friends.


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