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KIB 309 – Contrasting Kingdoms and Preparing for the Next Move of God

The modern Church has forgotten its position regarding the world and the things of the world. Darkness corrupts, and the Kingdom brings life. In fact, the further you get into the Kingdom, the narrower the way becomes (which has great benefits!). Understanding the purpose of tarrying and preparation is essential for the Remnant to become God’s tier-one operators in the coming move of God.

KIB 308 Casting of Lots, Discernment, and Hearing from God

According to Ezekiel, being trained in the Word allows us to discern between the holy and profane and the clean and unclean (Ezek. 44:23). Yet today, the New Age continues to gain ground in the Body of Christ. The Lakes examine the biblical and cultural use of the casting of lots and how its use ceased after Acts 2. The Remnant must have the Acts 19 moment of cleansing itself from the influences of the Mystery Religions and walk once again in holiness.

KIB 307 A Kingdom Character Study: Goliath, Saul, and David

The Word of God is quick and powerful, and it is still able to speak to where we are today. In Goliath, we see the deep state (NWO). In Saul, we see a portion of leadership in the body that has been more interested in position than in the Kingdom. Finally, we see David and his focus on covenant and Kingdom assignments. Each profile has great prophetic significance for today!

New Book by L. A. Marzulli – Counter Move: How the Nephilim Returned After the Flood

For the serious biblical researcher, the books and videos from my good friend L.A. Marzulli is an absolute must. L.A. has just completed his new book, Counter Move: How the Nephilim Returned After the Flood. This new book will provide a valuable scholarship to this important subject. I highly recommend this book to the KIB community. — Dr. Michael K. Lake

KIB 229 – Trumpets: The Sound of Change

We just celebrated the Feast of Trumpets. Trumpets is a prophetic biblical feast representing many things: the harpatzo (catching away) of the Assembly, announcing the beginning of the Days of Awe, and a remembrance of the fall of the walls of Jericho. Joshua (and all of Israel) had to prepare themselves for the attack on Jericho (which was built upon an ancient Nephilim stronghold). Today, believers must prepare themselves in the same way to be ready for what God is going to do in the days ahead.

Nephilim Secrets in the Walls of Jericho Video

Nephilim Secrets in the Walls of Jericho Video Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference 2016 This is Dr. Michael Lake’s second presentation at the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference in 2016.  This lecture on “Nephilim Secrets in the Walls of Jericho” was taken from a chapter in his second book, The Sheeriyth Imperative:  Empowering the Remnant […]

KIB 100 – Jericho: Anatomy of a Stronghold (Prophecy Conference at Hunters Point)

KIB 100 – Jericho:  Anatomy of a Stronghold Kingdom Intelligence Briefing As Dr. Lake is preparing to head out for the Hear the Watchmen 2 Conference in Knoxville, TN, he and Mary did not have a chance to record a podcast this week.  We thought it would be great to share one of the messages […]

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 17

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 17 Biblical Life TV In this episode, Dr. Michael Lake continues his examine of the Walls of Jericho.  He discovers that there is a possible connection between the Walls of Jericho and the Antediluvian Nephilim.  This ancient Nephilim citadel that became the city of Jericho is the perfect type and […]