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The Lost Prophecies of Qumran

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The Essenes are an overlooked element of the Second Temple Period by most believers today.  Yet, there are strong connections with this Jewish group that had rejected the immorality they saw in Jerusalem and throughout Judea to form a settlement in the desert.  However, the Dead Sea Scrolls has turned a spotlight on this book and the prophecies they had about the future.

Dr. Michael Lake, representing the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing and Biblical Life TV.

Dr. Michael Spaulding, who is the teaching pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lima, OH, the author of Upsidedown in America, more than ten other books, and the host of Soaring Eagle Radio and Dr. Mike Live.  Mike’s website is

Josh Peck is the author of numerous books, to including his new book on The Lost Prophecies of Qumran.  He is also a documentary filmmaker, to including his blockbuster file entitled, Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking.  He is also a sought-after guest on many TV, radio, and podcast programs, as well as a conference speaker.