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SRLC Kingdom Rising Fall Conference 2023

Kingdom Rising Conference 2023 October 26-27, 2023 Strategic Remnant Learning Center – Biblical Life Assembly 343 N. Diggins Main Street Seymour, MO  65746 Conference Coordinator:  Stephanie Emmerson Conference Speakers: Pastor Paul Begley Dr. Lester Sumrall ordained Pastor Paul in the LeSEA organization of South Bend, Indiana. He hosts a weekly telecast of the “Coming […]

May 2023 Ministry Update

Our Email Addresses Our legacy email addresses on are no longer functional. Our Telcom has switched hands several times over the past few decades. It was first Centurytel, then Centurylink. Now the company has merged into Brightspeed. Over the past five years, we began having problems with our email accounts. First, they stopped […]

We Have Moved Our Online Store

We are in the process of consolidating and updating several of our websites. We have moved our online store to The Biblical Life Assembly website has been completely redesigned. It will take some time before we will have all of the free studies in MP3 audio loaded to the site. We are updating the […]

KIB 351 – Understanding the Divine Exchange

The answer for all our sins, emotional wounds, and physical sickness is discovered at the foot of the cross of the Messiah.  The more that we can comprehend the unfathomable depths of the atonement that Jesus accomplished for us, the more incredible healing the Holy Spirit can release into our lives.  We are entering a “NOW” moment for revelation, healing, and forgiveness to flow to the Remnant.  Heaven is waiting to reveal, restore, and empower His people for the days ahead.