KIB 323 – Lies and Deceivers

Few today realize that the book of Psalms was not only the hymnal for the Early Church but also the prayer book. The book of Psalms is not only a book of comfort but also an essential book of spiritual warfare!  It is time that the Remnant returns to their book of spiritual warfare and begins seeking the face of God.  Grace and Judgment are two sides of the same coin, and God can pour out both simultaneously!

KIB 322 – The Prophetic Example of David in Exile

There was a time in David’s life when he forgot who he was and how he was supposed to walk.  To escape the wrath of King Saul, he befriended a pagan king and began living among them.   God caused the king to reject him, and upon returning to Ziklag, he found it burned to the ground, and their families were missing.  This event was a pivotal point in the life of David.  David began seeking the face of God once again.  Believers are in a Ziklag moment today.  It is time to seek the face of God and to recover the rights and freedoms the enemy has stolen!

Dr. Michael Lake HTW Zoom Fellowship Call TONIGHT Tuesday 8/31

Hi Everyone, I hope you have a peaceful and blessed weekend. We have a very special guest tonight on our Zoom Fellowship Call. Dr. Michael Lake, Founder of The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing, will be joining us to talk about “Understanding the Origin of the Current Madness, and how to Overcome it”. This meeting is essential […]

Where Are You in Your Kingdom Journey? | UTK93

am I in my Kingdom journey?  Like Abraham, we are all in the process of being transformed from Abram to Abraham.  Are we ruled by faith or fear?  Romans 4:18 reminds us of how Abraham “hoped against hope” (which means he had hope when there seemed to be no hope.)  Can we say the same today?  And more importantly, how can we move forward to overcome in every situation?

KIB 321 – More of God

Nations are turning against their citizens.  Christians are being targeted more than most other segments of the population.  The news media and political leaders are using fear as a way of controlling their people.  What is the answer?  We need more of God!  Each believer is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and it is time for all of us to seek the LORD until He fills us to overflowing.  It is time for the former and latter rains to be poured out upon the Remnant.  The question that we must ask is, “Do you want more of God?”

KIB 320 – God’s Surround Sound System for the Remnant

Psalms 32:7 reminds us that God is our hiding place and that the Almighty surrounds us with songs of deliverance.  How can we get to the place where God is truly our hiding place?  Is it automatic, or is this hiding place something we must find and learn how to walk in?  These questions and more are answered in today’s podcast.

KIB 318 – The Holiness of God and Establishing Godly Gatekeepers

There are biblical lessons to be learned from the lives of Uzzah and Obededom.  Uzzah was judged by God for considering the Ark a “common” thing. Yet, Obededom was blessed by God, and his sons were promoted to gatekeepers by King David.  Obededom and his sons walked in the fear of the LORD, while the rash action of Uzzah was devoid of it.  There is a spiritual promotion coming for those that cultivate the fear of the LORD is their lives.  Heaven is preparing for a smackdown with the kingdom of darkness.  Are we prepared for divine intervention?

God is Drawing a Prophetic Line in the Sand

World leaders are drunk with the wine of Mystery Babylon and seeking to enslave all humankind.  But God is getting ready to judge much of it and prepare the way for the last great revival.  So how do we, as believers, move beyond fear and into faith?  How can we be ready to proceed with God as He reveals the hidden things of the enemy?