KWR003 – Darkened Pulpits: The History and Hirelings of Social Justice

The Bible warns that the last days will be a time of great apostasy. What lie is so mesmerizing that it misleads multitudes of professing believers into the maw of evil? The answer is before us today, not being a single deception but a convergence of false teachings bannered under the label of “Social Justice”. Social justice merges morally depraved liberalism with atheistic Marxism, assuring us that we can be a “follower” of Jesus while simultaneously indulging the ideologies of God-haters like Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Sigmund Freud.

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We are in the process of consolidating and updating several of our websites. We have moved our online store to The Biblical Life Assembly website has been completely redesigned. It will take some time before we will have all of the free studies in MP3 audio loaded to the site. We are updating the […]