Month: December 2020

KIB 290 – The Gideon Principle and This Prophetic Moment

Within the history of God’s people, there are temporal fingerprints of God that serve as our example in this prophetic hour. Gideon is the perfect example of where we are in the dealings of God with America. Will the Gideons of this hour find their supernatural courage and move in the anointing of the Spirit of God to turn back the hordes of the global Deep State? For the Remnant, the answer is YES!

KIB 289 – Not Just Spectators Anymore

Christianity is not a spectator’s sport! Every believer must be active and functioning within their Kingdom assignments. As we do, we can turn the world upside down: Which is what God promises He will do to those that work evil. It is time for the Remnant to awaken and be empowered to bring the Kingdom into America and the world with the book of Acts results!

KIB 288 – Kingdom Expectation and the Priesthood

We are currently at a pivotal prophetic time in history: Will the Remnant Priesthood rise up in Kingdom expectation to change the course of a nation or will the Luciferian Elite have their way? Remnant, the Holy Spirit has been preparing you for this Kingdom moment. It is now time to hope against hope and see Almighty God deliver! Will you become a priest that can carry God’s throne into this water of adversity?

KIB 287 – The Hanukkah Anointing

The story of Hanukkah reveals a pattern that we find ourselves in today. For the ancient Jews, it was the ruthless invasion of a Hellenistic general. In our time, we find ourselves in the midst of an invasion of globalistic communists. Like the Maccabees of old, God is about to release an anointing to rise up with righteous indignation, drive out the enemy, cleanse and restore, and finally rededicate our nation back to Almighty God. Are you ready for a fresh anointing?

KIB 286 – Patience, Persistence, and the Promise

The Word has much to say regarding patience, especially in the middle of the battle. The same Greek word translated as “patience” in the KJV in Heb. 10:26 is better translated as “endurance.” In the current battle for our nation, the Remnant must move in endurance in spiritual warfare. Do not listen to the modern-day prophets of Baal, rather listen to what the Holy Spirit is speaking from Heaven. Press in, stay strong, and endure.