Month: February 2021

KIB 297 – More Exposure Gives Us Intel for Prayer | Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Weaknesses across the nation are being exposed: Texas is a perfect example. These revealed vulnerabilities are points that should cause both prayer and action. Now is the time to return to the ways of God and to strengthen that which remains. Soon, we will be called of God to move forward in new Kingdom assignments!

KIB 296 – No More Mind Games for Those in the Kingdom | Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Hollywood, advertising agencies, news media, politicians, and dark spiritual forces all try to influence our souls to accomplish their agendas. Yet, as citizens of the Kingdom of God, we have been given supernatural weapons to circumvent the twisted influence of Mystery Babylon. It is time for the Remnant to learn who they are in Messiah and to develop expertise in both spiritual warfare and walking according to the Spirit.

Developing Kingdom Muscle for the Days Ahead – Part 1 | Understanding the Kingdom Series | UTK84Biblical Life TV

We are in time in which we cannot ride on the coattails of past generations. We must developing our own in-depth walk with God. Dr. Lake examines Isa. 10:27 in context and discovers we have been misinterpreting it for decades! This truth will set you free. He also begins examining the first step in developing Kingdom muscle: Growing in the Fear of the LORD.

KIB 295 – Counterfeit Armor of Darkness

Is it possible that the kingdom of darkness has developed a plan to keep Christians in a state of immaturity and bondage? The answer to this question is: Yes. Lucifer’s kingdom is a mirror kingdom to the Kingdom of God; everything is similar but reversed. Carnality has an armor too that is built on the works of darkness. In this important episode, the Lakes define the armor of darkness and discuss how it can be removed from the life of the believer.