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KIB podcasts to empower the Remnant

KIB 324 – Prayer with Life-Saving Results!

The prophet told Hezekiah that he was going to die.  Yet, this ancient king turned his face to the wall in prayer and wept sorely.  Isaiah returned quickly and said that Almighty God had given him 15 more years.  There are many things that the enemy has killed within the body of Messiah, but resurrection power is coming.  Hope, the fear of the LORD, faith, godliness, and discernment are counted among the things that need to be restored in our day!  This supernatural restoration can turn the table on the enemy’s plans for our lives and nations.

KIB 323 – Lies and Deceivers

Few today realize that the book of Psalms was not only the hymnal for the Early Church but also the prayer book. The book of Psalms is not only a book of comfort but also an essential book of spiritual warfare!  It is time that the Remnant returns to their book of spiritual warfare and begins seeking the face of God.  Grace and Judgment are two sides of the same coin, and God can pour out both simultaneously!

KIB 322 – The Prophetic Example of David in Exile

There was a time in David’s life when he forgot who he was and how he was supposed to walk.  To escape the wrath of King Saul, he befriended a pagan king and began living among them.   God caused the king to reject him, and upon returning to Ziklag, he found it burned to the ground, and their families were missing.  This event was a pivotal point in the life of David.  David began seeking the face of God once again.  Believers are in a Ziklag moment today.  It is time to seek the face of God and to recover the rights and freedoms the enemy has stolen!

KIB 321 – More of God

Nations are turning against their citizens.  Christians are being targeted more than most other segments of the population.  The news media and political leaders are using fear as a way of controlling their people.  What is the answer?  We need more of God!  Each believer is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and it is time for all of us to seek the LORD until He fills us to overflowing.  It is time for the former and latter rains to be poured out upon the Remnant.  The question that we must ask is, “Do you want more of God?”

KIB 320 – God’s Surround Sound System for the Remnant

Psalms 32:7 reminds us that God is our hiding place and that the Almighty surrounds us with songs of deliverance.  How can we get to the place where God is truly our hiding place?  Is it automatic, or is this hiding place something we must find and learn how to walk in?  These questions and more are answered in today’s podcast.

KIB 318 – The Holiness of God and Establishing Godly Gatekeepers

There are biblical lessons to be learned from the lives of Uzzah and Obededom.  Uzzah was judged by God for considering the Ark a “common” thing. Yet, Obededom was blessed by God, and his sons were promoted to gatekeepers by King David.  Obededom and his sons walked in the fear of the LORD, while the rash action of Uzzah was devoid of it.  There is a spiritual promotion coming for those that cultivate the fear of the LORD is their lives.  Heaven is preparing for a smackdown with the kingdom of darkness.  Are we prepared for divine intervention?

KIB 317 – Avoiding Babylon’s Shifting Sand

In our generation, the tentacles of Jezebel and Balaam have caused the modern Church to have one foot on the rock and the other on shifting sand.  This precarious position will prove devastating in the days ahead.  God is calling us to stand in His Kingdom alone.  It is time to take Peter’s checklist from 2 Peter 1:2-11 seriously.  We must make our calling and election sure.  We must become fully grounded in the Kingdom.

KIB 316 – Establishing Righteous Gates

We find ourselves in one of the most pivotal prophetic periods in American history.  It is time for the Remnant to raise up and reestablish righteousness in the gates of our homes, cities, and states.  It is a Psalms 107 moment, in which the LORD has humbled us and caused us to cry out to Him.  Now, the Almighty will move to break apart our bands, shatter the gates of bronze, and cut asunder the bars of iron.  Spot judgment is beginning to fall in our nation.  Make sure that the LORD is your refuge!

KIB 315 – Retaking Gates and Portals for the Kingdom

The Church has been convinced to abdicate some of its primary roles within society. Our elders should be the authorities in the gates of the cities. Our watchmen should guard our communities against hellish portals of the enemy. It is time to properly understand the Church’s role in binding and loosing, both within the community and in the spirit realm. We must become the end-time Church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against!