Month: July 2020

KIB268 Ministry Update and the Problem with the Christian Veneer

Now that The Kingdom Priesthood is in print, the ministry is moving forward with the Strategic Remnant Learning Center. An update on this project is included in the podcast. We are also about to enter into Teshuvah (40 days of reflection and repentance before the Day of Atonement). It is time for a deep cleaning of the heart to prepare for the coming recompense that will be released from the throne of God

KIB 267 – Exercising Kingdom Authority

Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake examine our current situation in the United States and equate our moment within human history with the task of the Jewish people coming out of Babylonian captivity in the time of Nehemiah. In this ancient prophet’s day, the task of the people of God was threefold: (1) Rebuild the Temple, (2) Re-establish the laws of God, and (3) Rebuild the wall of protection around Jerusalem. This can be translated in our day to (1) Rebuild the Kingdom Priesthood, (2) learn the ways and commandments of God, and (3) enter into proper spiritual warfare. An essential component of spiritual warfare is learning to exercise and develop expertise in our Kingdom authority.

KIB 266: Time for Faith – Proceed with Prayer

It appears that the Deep State is making its move and it seems to somewhat match biblical prophecy. Does this mean that the Remnant should just roll over and not fight? God forbid! It is a time to hear from God, throw off every weight that is holding us back, and move in a determination and faith that this generation has not seen before! The strongest iron is forged by the hottest flame.

A Quick Note About “The Kingdom Priesthood” Books Purchased Through Amazon

We received our first shipment of “The Kingdom Priesthood” book through Amazon. We were shocked to discover some of the graphics were blurred or distorted in the book. Amazon used the “print on demand” system to produce their books. I have spoken with customer service this morning. Although the PDF we uploaded was perfect, there appears to be a problem on their end. Amazon has assured me that their technical department is working on the issue and will soon provide a solution.

KIB 265 – Recompense and the Mark of God

How do we interpret what is going on around the world today? Is it the end or just the prelude to the tribulation period? How is the Remnant to prepare for the days ahead? Is Heaven going to be silent, as the plans of the deep state march forward, or does the Almighty have a plan? Finally, with all of the talk about the mark of the beast, why is no one talking about the importance of the mark of God? We are at a pivotal point in history, and our vision and purpose must be aligned with the Kingdom.

First Review is in on The Kingdom Priesthood

This is a well written and thoroughly researched book about a topic that is wholly neglected in the Church today. Believers desperately need this information so that they can both understand and fulfill their mission to be priests of the Kingdom of God in the end times chaos and deception that has taken hold of the Church and the world. Review questions at the end of each chapter help the reader commit important concepts to memory, and further highlight the seriousness with which this extremely timely work should be read and studied