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Note:  Because of our hectic ministry schedule, email is the best way of reaching out to our office.  Please note that neither Dr. Lake nor Mary Lou are counselors, and the ministry does not offer a counseling service.

The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing is a ministry of Biblical Life Assembly (http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org.)

Dr. Lake on SkyWatchTVMichael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E.

Dr. Michael K. Lake is the Scholar-in-Residence of Biblical Life Assembly Ministries.  He is also the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and serves as an educational consultant for various Christian organizations around the world.  Dr. Lake is listed in the U.S. Registry’s Whose Who Among Outstanding Americans, Sterling’s Whose Who – Executive Edition, and the Whose Who Among American Teachers for his accomplishments in ministry.  He is also the author of the best-selling books, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative:  Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.

Dr. Lake is known for his “where the rubber meets the road” preaching style.  He brings a wealth of theological/biblical concepts into the realm of “how to really live them” in the life of the believer.  His goal is to help believers to be strengthened and to honor God by living His Word in every situation in life.

Mary L. Lake

Prophetic Intercessor/Women’s Elder

Mary is a gifted warrior in the LORD that moves in prophetic intercession.  She is blessed with a true spiritual “mothering” anointing that wants to see all believers free from all bondages and to mature to their full potential in the LORD.

Mary is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.


  1. Dear Dr. Michael,

    I am here listening to Kingdom 14 on the last day of Hanukka (Dec 13), and what you said about “allowing the fire of God burn like a furnace in our belly to destroy all the works of the nachash” was just what I needed to hear today. Truly a day of miracles for me, especially relating to the miracle of the oil for the menora. Miracle of the Holy Spirit burning in our heart for doing God’s work.

    Thanks so much for being led by the Holy Spirit in this series. Each message has been anointed. I will keep praying and interceding for the work you are doing, as I consider you my pastor.


    1. May the fire of holiness burn brightly in all of us!

  2. Law and the people *** sorry auto correct

  3. You have the best teaching I h Ve found, you are opening my mind to some
    Things I had not thought about. God Bless
    You and you Mr wife and ministry. I will tithe c as I can since In non SS I DONT GET MUCH BUT I STILL WANT THE TRUTHJun TO REACH THOES OUR FATHER IS CALLING. N. GOD BLESS IN SISTERLY LOVE, JUNE GILONE AT jael777@tampabay.rr.com.

    1. Dido blessings from our Father forever. In Jesus name.love J. Gilone

  4. Blessings Dr. Lake!

    My name is Marcelus, I have just finished your book “The Shinar Directive”. I found it a great resource and also a very personal understanding of why, throughout my life, even though I was used by God to preach from a very early age, I could not ever fit in the ranks and division of our denomination. As I serve right now, to a very small church, where I was able to introduce a relational relationship with God, instead of laws and by-laws, I shared with them how for me personally it would be unthinkable to celebrate Christmas or Easter like before. What I have as a personal request [I would love to chat with you more deeply with personal e-mails] would be some christian historical research and biblical articles that would backup this position. Thank you and God Bless you abundantly!

    1. Marcelus: Please know that our office received several thousand emails every week. Currently, I need to focus on those in critical need of ministry and our seminary students.


  5. Dr. Lake, I would to share with you some of my experiences how the masons are infiltrating our healthcare system. I would like to send this information in an email rather than a post. What email address can I send that to? I believe you you find the information I have informative in this day in age. Thank you for all you are doing teaching the Remnant…

    1. Not only has freemasonry infiltrated healthcare, in some situations were at the foundation of many sectors.

  6. Two very valuable concepts I received from The Sheeriyth Imperative were:

    1.One’s spirit can be saved but their soul can be struggling with the seed of iniquity until it is rooted out by the seed of Godliness.

    2. Spiritually, Jesus went to the core of the problem by becoming corruptible, iniquity seed infested, sin ridden flesh but did not sin and therefore broke the hold that the iniquity force has on the human soul.

    3. Physically, Jesus sacrificed the body of the Lamb of God, himself, for the remission of sin which was like causing a black hole that sucked the iniquity force out of this dimension.

    4. Wearing our spiritual armor is being “in” and “putting on” Christ.

    These have been transforming for me. Thank, bless and protect you!

  7. I just did the prayer for victims of trauma and fragmentation and MANY came out. I was told I was left at a hospital when I was born. I was adopted into a family with my mother’s maiden name of Collins (grandfather and wife a Johnson). I have been thru many deliverance sessions throughout the years but always felt something still stuck in me. All of my mother’s siblings including her had issues- alcoholism, homosexuality, mentally fragile.

    The man who facilitated the adoption was a 33 degree mason (as well as mother’s father). I am from the Pittsburgh area where the Illumaniti first settled when they came to America. I now truly believe my grandfather is of the Collins bloodline and married the Johnson woman (Eastern Star) due to the bloodlines. I also believe their children (including mom) had attempted programming but it did not work and broke them. I also believe it was tried on me in the foster homes I was in due to the reoccuring nightmares of someone smothering me. I don’t believe they could break me and so I was adopted into mother’s home.

    Praise be to God I am FINALLY delivered and set free thanks to the prayer, you, and your wife.

    I am 59 and studying to be a special ed teacher, but my true heart’s desire is for the fragmented children (long story). I am also studying to facilite deliverance through God’s ER in Tulsa. Thank You and I know Father brought me to this place at this time through listening to Tom Horn’s show. Keep me in your prayers 🙂

    PS My mimd is becoming clearer.

  8. Mind, clearer!!!

  9. My husband just came across your podcasts. I’ve only listened to a couple so far. I have to say your wife is amazing!! I felt a connection with her as soon as I heard her speak. I have her book ordered and on the way. What witches don’t want Christians to know, I can not wait to read it. God bless you both, you are definitely anointed.

  10. Looking forward to your new book on the Kingdom Priesthood this summer. Please let us as soon as it is hot off the presses. Thank you.

  11. Love your program. I am a new, growing in the Lord, Christian.
    Your last podcast on Pentecost, part 2, had a very bad audio. It was very hard to understand. Your previous podcasts have been fine. I pray the situation can be corrected.

    1. We posted on the podcast page that a Windows Update had messed up the audio. We are working on correcting it.

  12. Re: Feasts of the Lord

    I was wondering if this series is available in MP3 download, as I only want the audio portion.

    1. At the BLA site’s Series Archive. Just scroll down to the series. http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/series.htm

  13. dear brother first i like to commend you on your most recent book very interesting.i think i agree with most of what u said ,however there seems to be an affinity of using the king james version only. and i would like for to equalify why u do that?,why not the nkj or the amp. or the jew. translation. i’m a messianic jew and i think that it would behove u to consider a simple adjustment so you could reach and empower more of remnant with a simple adjustment. thank you and Shalom alecheim.

    1. Primarily when writing books, the Publisher has asked me to use the KJV because of copyright law. The KJV is considered Public Domain. If you reference a modern translation too many times, you must gain permission from the publisher. For my own study, I also use the NASV, CJB, AMP, and of course, the original languages to the best of my ability.

  14. I want to do a discipleship course with girl friends. How do I get a course from Dr. Lake?

    1. store.biblical-life.com Everything Dr. Lake has taught for BLCS is available to everyone through this site. All of this other teachings are available for free at http://www.youtube.com/biblicallife and http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org

  15. Dear Mary Lou,
    I want to say THANK YOU for sharing your journey and your story. I spent some time since last week listening to your testimony interviews and listening to your podcasts. I know what you are saying and I understand. Much of your journey is similar to what I have walked. I have gleaned from the way you pray and l would like to say thank you. Your testimony confirming to me and has extended some of my areas of understanding. I have ordered your book and am awaiting it’s arrival.
    I am sending a letter forward to you. Thank you for your courage to stand and tell the truth.
    BLESSINGS to you and your husband!

  16. Thank you for,allowing yourselves to be open to our Heavenly Father’s leading. I just started listening to Mary Lou’s podcast. I can’t tell you enough how much they have blessed me. Along with others who have shared, I too so get what you both are sharing. If we ever meet in person, I will tell you my story. Your prayers were spot on.

    I have often wondered why did our Heavenly Abba have me walk out my healing seemingly alone. I finally started getting help when I got into Torah. Then little by little He provided what I needed when I needed it. Then I found Mary Lou. Talk about exceleration. Your podcast regarding your recent email incidents helped me understand I wasn’t being abandoned, it was just some things need to be handled with care. Thanks again!

    Blessings on you both.

  17. Dr. Lake I just “stumbled” upon you, and I was reading the chapter you wrote in Blood on the Altar. So eye opening! We have no idea what the sinister plot of Satan involves (so much deeper and diabolical), and the countless number of people that will fall for his deception. I just bought your books for my Kindel, and I will also take advantage of your Web site. God bless you! You have attained a level of discernment and understanding that is remarkable, unfortunately most of the people living today live in such a darkened state, and they have no idea what is about to come upon the world.

  18. ALERT! Women, children are being abducted in Michigan and Pennsylvania! Please take this issue to the Lord in prayer. Eighty or more in Michigan alone abducted all along racial lines and in work vans and even expensive cars. Steve Quayle posted in his alerts. Today I found a pastor Dave calling for men to escort their wives and children everywhere, also to arm themselves. Thought you would want to know and take it to other Remnant to prayer and vigelance in their cities and towns. I pray for you both every night. I am a new covenant keeping believer and learning at a excellerated rate in the Spirit. I begged for truth… The Lord sent me to you first. Thank you both, Kim Lincoln, Hudson Fl.

  19. KIB ministry, Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in sharing the truth and walking in His power. I am interested in materials concerning fasting. I listened to “A Calling to a Life of Fasting” and Dr. Lake had mentioned materials in fasting for his leadership. What are some good resources. Thank you and God Bless.

  20. Dear Dr. Lake,
    My wife and I have been enjoying your teaching on Understanding the Kingdom. We just listened to number 10 where you are talking about the height of the Tower of Babel. Right now, the tallest artificial structure is Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper in Dubai that reached 836 m (2,717 ft.) in height on 1/17/2009. The Towel of Babel reached 2,508 m or (8,150 ft.) which is 3 times the height of Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. Like you said in Understanding The Kingdom #10, you can do a lot when you have giants helping you build a tower.

  21. Thank you for your God aligned teaching.
    God bless you and your ministry.

  22. Dear Dr.Lake,
    Thank you so much for these teachings. Just started listening to the MP3’s and taking notes. A lot of your and Mary’s comments confirm what He had been showing me in dreams. You have any network in India? In this part of the country a lot of Satan worship goes on. Our family is reaching out to schools and colleges as well. We are burdened for the young people here and kids and babies.
    God bless you all and your heart for the King and the Kingdom

  23. I already joined and you have my email as of last week. I just bought two of your books from Amazon: The Shinar Directive and Sheeriyth Imperative, which I really don’t understand what either is. However, my goal as a Christian is to learn everything God has for me to learn. I therefore try to be obedient and study and pray. I have so many questions for you.
    1. Are all of your studies concentrated in all the books prior to Matthew? I have watched all the videos you have on YouTube, except for a couple on ‘The Sharpening’… the host’s VOICE IS SO LOUD AND ABRASIVE. I KEEP PRAYING FOR HIM TO BE QUIET AND FOR YOU TO TEACH. Isn’t that why you’re on there? My goal is to learn. Also, on John Peck AND his wife (I think that’s right). That one’s a little better. Don’t you have any of your own that you can do? Without the interference of others. I also want to ask you about someone like me who is NOT of Hebrew descent. Does God warn about ‘calling yourself a Jew when you’re not’? Or something like that. I am in a rather small Southern Baptist Church, with Christmas, Easter, etc… which bothers me in my spirit. In the Choir, practicing music for Christmas. Also… do you know anything about the RH Negative Factor (Blood type) and whether it has ANY BEARING ON SALVATION through my Lord Jesus Christ??? I’ve seen SO much of that on YouTube, which is beginning to bother me a bit… well, more than a bit. I have never ever heard anything about that until now, except for when I was pregnant and found out I was RH Neg… both my sons were also negative, therefore all was well with my pregnancies and was blessed with two healthy beautiful babies. So much else to ask and/or clarify. You do believe that the only way to God, our Father is through Christ, right? And… you have house churches?? Do you and your church keep all of the Jewish Feast Days, including the Passover??? Pleas send me a booklet or something that fully explains your beliefs and practices. I would appreciate it so very much.

    Thank you with all my heart in the love of Christ Jesus, Virginia (Ginny) PLEASE DON’T POST MY FULL NAME. JUST VIRGINIA… I MESSED UP WITH THE CHROME AUTO FILL TAKING OVER.

    (I am also a beginning author, having only written and published two books, one with Create Space/Amazon and one with West Bow Press, Div/Thomas Nelson/Zondervan. Thank you sir. I pray for your ministry to be greatly blessed by our great God and Father.

    1. We have around 400 video teachings on our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/biblicallife

  24. Yes, it wouldn’t accept my comment re just Virginia being used. Hence, this short msg. I apologize for the confusion. Thank you so much for your teaching series: Spiritual Warfare-End Times. It is my deepest heart’s desire for TRUTH only, therefore, John MacArthur is the only pastor/teacher/preacher I have listened to for several years. On occasion I have listened to Perry Stone and like him/his teachings also. The primary objective of my life is to grow in God’s Truth and glorify Him and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That’s it. Like you, I’ve been in Southern Baptist churches for 40+ years. The observance of ‘Easter’ and ‘Christmas’ grieves my soul-mind-heart terribly. Why we kept those ‘traditions’ when we Protestants came OUT from the Catholics is a mystery to me. I hope you have a complete page or book or whatever you term it to tell the world of Believers exactly what your beliefs, doctrines, etc… are, as well as whether ‘Gentile Believers’ can Biblicly be a part of the (for want of a more correct term) Messianic Jewish group. Does God want/permit this? Thank you for your kindness and patience with my ignorance of your Doctrine. May God richly bless you, your family and your Ministry most of all. In Christ, Virginia

    1. KIB is a ministry of Biblical Life Assembly. Here is the website page from BLA that provides our vision, mission, and statement of faith: http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/purpose/purpose.htm

  25. Thank you so much for your book Mary , I also been receiving so much healing from trauma and pain from my childhood , God bless you and your family .

  26. I’m watching Tom Horn on the DVD pack I purchased from the 2017 True Legends Conference, and he keeps mentioning a free data disk. Is it possible to get that disk anywhere? Thanks! I would really have loved being there, but at the time couldn’t afford to come, so did the next best thing. Thanks so much for any help, and blessings for your ministry!

    1. That is something SkyWatch TV offers.

  27. Hi. My name is Gina Ard. I am trying desperately to contact Mrs. Mary L. Lake.
    I need help bringing some things to her attention and her help for dealing with a specific type of attack. I don’t know how to email her can someone please tell her or does she read these comments. There is a very real and present witchcraft and coven problem that I feel like only she can understand. I need her help.
    Gina Ard

    1. Here is Mary’s email: nomindcon@gmail.com. Please note that we purchased a new building at the beginning of November. We have been working 10 to 12 hour days remodeling the new building and preparing for the move. We still have another 30 days in this transition period, so it may take a while for Mary to respond.

      1. Thank you for your prompt response. I do realize that they are moving. I appreciate your help very much.

  28. Dr. Lake and Mary..absolutely love you both!!! Just recently “woke up” within the last 4 years and “stumbled” onto your series on understanding the kingdom…thank you so much for your insight…desiring to learn so much more and help grow God’s kingdom!!! Blessings

    1. Dr. Lake and Mary..absolutely love you both!!! Just recently “woke up” within the last 4 years and “stumbled” onto your series on understanding the kingdom…thank you so much for your insight…desiring to learn so much more and help grow God’s kingdom!!! Blessings

  29. Good morning, Trusting God in new year, help an support for me an my two children.In this dark-pit for so long, attacks in our sleep horrible dreams,we are harassed.Demonic activity,Warlock across my house and witches in my area Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Seeking help for my daughter, Hannah. Been to many churches for deliverance. Since all these yrs. she is now 16 yrs. but like a 7 year old. We have suffered much please share or help me. I am tired waking up at nights fighting-off spirits. I am thankful God allowed me to find you on Youtube yesterday. I am grateful for your reply. Thank you, Maureen

    1. You need to download Mary’s Morning and Evening Prayers in PDF. We have them posted with her “Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder Series.” You will find this series under the “Resources” Tab.

  30. Sister Mary Lake, You are a blessing to me I will continue to watch and listen and stand in faith in Christ Jesus. God bless you. Maureen G.

  31. You have helped me so much in my ministry. How do you keep the Sabbath? Can you minister, drive,etc? I want to obey and just please the Lord.

    1. Use this link and then scroll down to the Sabbath Series to download the MP3 series. http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/series.htm

  32. God is being so good to me! Over the past few weeks I find myself getting very upset about this or that injustice in the world. The very next day I listen to one of your old sermons and you have the answer to my concern. Praise God!!!

  33. Dear Dr. Michael:

    I just finished listening to a video on Facebook from prophecy watchers where you were interviewed regarding your new books. I am new to your teachings but I am a born-again Christian 75 Year’s young. So I went on to YouTube and searched your name. I was so pleased to have found videos of your teachings. This is exactly what I have been searching for. A more in-depth Biblical study of the Scriptures. I could go on and on about how thrilled I am to have been led to your teachings. I am now on my second video regarding Jericho. I could spend hours and hours studying and listening to you. I know that God has led me to this. I am the type of person that retains knowledge more by seeing and hearing then I do by reading. My mind tends to wander when I read. I just want to thank you and let you know that you are a treasured blessing to me. Thank you for all you are doing to advance the kingdom.

    Blessings in Christ,
    Marilyn McDaniel
    Phoenix Arizona

  34. Thank you so much for these podcasts! Mary, I heard you mention about figuring out how to make tasty but healthy recipes on the podcast. You should definitely check out Trim Healthy Mama.
    It personally gave me the balance I needed in my family’s diet. They are truly a blessing and I believe they will explain so much to balance your blood sugar in a completely natural and healthy way and make all of your efforts to eat healthy work in a biblically-minded way too.

  35. I just love you guys ❤️ I was made aware of you through (now you see TV) and I now subscribe to your podcasts. Mary, you are such a blessing, I love your heart, and your faith in the Lord inspires me. My family and I live in Australia and I have the same dream in my heart to provide a safe place for the vunerable, young and old a place to show Gods kindness. I don’t know why I have this dream as I am 52 with a mortgage. But when I pray, I ask the Lord is this just something in my heart or is it in his heart either way I pray that he would make a way for this dream.
    Thank you for all your work in the kingdom, you touch so many people with your love and knowledge 🙂 xx

  36. I love you both and listen to you every night as I go to bed, your voices and teaching comfort me, thank you for serving The Lord!

  37. Hi Guys

    I’ve been following your ministry and have come to embrace KIB as a necessary voice in my walk with God. So appreciate your insights and teaching from BOTH Mary and Michael.
    Of late Michael you’ve mentioned your need to dedicate time to writing books/conferences hence which may impede on the frequency of the podcasts.
    I just wanted to encourage you to be ready in season and out of season, that a weekly podcast is so important please keep this up and make this a priority if you both could.
    I’m an active christian living in Auckland New Zealand. The USA has been on my heart since May 2016, and thus the search for likeminded believers lead me to your book and further understanding of the kingdom. So thank you for being there, I feel to say keep the communication regular the battle needs your input and voice.


    1. My reference was not regarding the podcasting, rather it was filming for Biblical Life TV. The podcasts only take an hour or so to produce, edit, and upload. Video filming, editing, and uploading are far more complicated and time-consuming.

  38. Hello, I wanted to get a book on Greek and Hebrew translations to understand the meaning of words in the Bible. Could you recommend a book to purchase. Thank you very much. Teresa

    1. It is not just one book. I personally have a small library of just Greek and Hebrew Lexicons. For someone starting, something keynoted to Strongs would help. The Hendrickson’s Biblical Language Library is a great place to start. https://www.christianbook.com/biblical-language-library-4-volumes/pd/3206?event=ESRCG .

  39. DrLake what’s a good Bible to start a new believer with, which version/type?? there around 30 years old

    1. For a new believer that has a hard time with the KJV, the NASB or Modern English Version (MEV) is a great place to start.

  40. Vellene Champagne

    Thank u for your testimony Ms. Lake, Father God has given me an assignment to war against the occult for past 8 years and I told Father God that this is inhumane and like being in the twlight zone.

    I am estranged from 98 percent of my family because of occult and the ones that are trying to do right by God gets infected and are programmed and soul and mind fragramened by ones that are completed tired to the occult even after I warned them pray and fast for them also but to no avail. They send curse and items to literally kill me. I send all back on their head along with death. Satan use others as well to come against me ref same, it is a constant, endless battle. Father God has open up heaven to me in the midst of all of this and yes he protects me also otherwise I would be dead.

    My under age niece and nephew are in bands now I know from your teaching

    Now I understand better how the occult is working. This is truly something!!!!! But still to me INHUMANE.

  41. Thanks for your words of wisdom truly you are echoing God’s heart for His People. Many have given up but we have to Stop~Drop~& ~Pray each day. Our prayers are helping our love one make a decision for Christ, and so much more.
    God spoke to me and said very clearly
    “Tell My People To Pray” followed by 2 Chronicles 7:14.
    Prayer is the most important thing you do today; keep your family cover with the blood of Jesus.


    1. No. It can be freely downloaded off of YouTube.

  43. Had a friend at church give me your website and just listened to podcast 179. I just wanted to share with both of you a little something about that Rt. 66 breakthrough prayer. As Mary shared the story and how that all of a sudden it was like a “bubble” that burst releasing all the tension she felt, and went on to comment how the parade in Springfield, MO was rained out, the thought came to mind, “The Burning Man.” A quick Google search showed that the 2018 Burning Man Celebration was to be held at MidWest Burning Man Celebration 2018
    Shriners Club Campground, 26920 Shrine Road, Laquey, Missouri 65534 This is a little over an hour drive north east of Springfield, most of which is on Rt. 44 (or Old Rt. 66) That whole area is saturated with Shriners and I believe there is a National or State Park devoted to them. Springfield would basically have been the last hurrah of Missouri’s Rt. 66 deal, but I think it was the Burning Man celebration, a very deeply occult ritual (think Moloch) that your prayers were used to intervene. We need more people arming themselves in the armor of God and being taught by Him how to engage the enemy in these last days. (Mike, I’m not sold on when Jesus is coming back either, only that He will, and He has commanded us to both “Watch for His appearing,” and to “Occupy ’til I come.”)

  44. Hello! Thank you for loving God’s broken people. What you share with us is truly a gift beyond compare. I don’t know where to go to get this message to you so I’m just wild guessing it right now.

    So I was just listening to Sky Watch TV daily 5 in 10 segment (8/28/18) D.G. Just shared story about Fort Lenordwood I found very interesting & was curious as to what both of your reactions to it may be… how the Chaplain there is recording there has been a record number of military folk accepting Jesus as Lord… isn’t that where you came from MaryLou? …. I’m very interested in your take on this.

    1. Mary and I have already covered this in last week’s podcast, KIB 180.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to direct me to the pod cast. Wow … God Bless you both.

  45. I have recently been listening to The Sevefold Anointing of Messiah series, and Defusing Hell’s Reactor, and I got to wondering about some sort of study guides or curriculum for younger kids, and teenagers. We need to empower our children as young as possible. Are there any plans for something like that? Does it already exist?

    1. Unfortunately, no. We do not have the extra resources and those talented in that area for their development.

  46. My husband and I will be traveling to Missouri this coming week. Could you recommend a place of worship that we can attend that is close to the Lake of the Osarks?
    We are truly blessed by the teaching we have received through your ministry! Jesus bless you both Dr. Mike and Mary Lou!

    1. It has been over 20 years since we have been to the Lake of the Ozarks and are not familiar with any congregations there.

  47. Dear Dr. Lake,
    I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for your ministry! I have been a born-again Christian since the year 2000, and have been searching for meat of the Word for what seems like a very long time. I saw you first on Skywatch TV, and have been listening to your podcasts ever since. I must have been very hungry, because I have been enjoying every moment. Currently I am reading your book “The Shinar Directive” and listening to your podcast series “Understanding the Kingdom” and I feel so empowered! Thank you again!

  48. I just listened to your interview with Sheila. I was so amazed by it because I had a younger woman and her teenage daughter moved in with me for7years who was DID. She said so many things that lined up with what you were saying. It really blew me away.
    I have been prophecied over as having the mother heart of God, a breaker anointing and the mantel of Elijah.
    While she was here we broke thru many layers just as you spoke. She was still in need of more work when she got mad at me and moved out.
    Now I am hesitant to reach out to help others. I have difficulty getting into God’s presence in prayer. I had always been an intersessor from my mid 20s, it is very hard now. Can you help me please. I want to be faithful and help set captives free again but don’t know how any more. I will understand if you are to busy, but at least pray for me to get thru this thick heavy place I am in. I go to church, but don’t want to. I have to choose from and push myself.
    Thank you, Alice Krodel

  49. Good Day,
    Whilst busy reading the Book of Jasher pdf that I downloaded from the Internet, I came upon the following verses in Chapter 42

    36. And Joseph continued to speak these words, and Joseph cried aloud and wept bitterly upon his mother’s grave; and he ceased speaking, and from bitterness of heart he became still as a stone upon the grave.
    37. And Joseph heard a voice speaking to him from beneath the ground, which answered him with bitterness of heart, and with a voice of weeping and praying in these words:
    38. My son, my son Joseph, I have heard the voice of thy weeping and the voice of thy lamentation; I have seen thy tears; I know thy troubles, my son, and it grieves me for thy sake, and abundant grief is added to my grief.
    39. Now therefore my son, Joseph my son, hope to the Lord, and wait for him and do not fear, for the Lord is with thee, he will deliver thee from all trouble.
    40. Rise my son, go down unto Egypt with thy masters, and do not fear, for the Lord is with thee, my son. And she continued to speak like unto these words unto Joseph, and she was still.

    This totally confused me. Surely Joseph did not communicate with the dead???

    Please help me understand this or is it even good to read the book of Jasher??

    1. When reading the extra-biblical text, we always read them with a grain of salt. The Book of Enoch is important because it was moving in and out of the First Covenant cannon during the Second Temple period and was part of the New Testament Cosmology. However, other books from the Pseudepigrapha should not be read as a part of Scripture but rather to illustrate Jewish theological thought within that time period. It is important therefore to eat the straw and spit out the sticks in those works.

      Dr. Michael K. Lake

  50. I was listening to KIB188 the another night and you were discussing about family members who were in the Masons. My mother told me my grandfather was a 32nd degree mason when he died, I never new him. Is there any information as what I might need to do to get any residual affects out of my life? If I have any of his personal items should I get rid of them? I really enjoy listening to your teachings.

    Thank you for all you boyh are doing. I get your emails and pod cast notifications.

    1. Use this link to download Mary’s Prayer for Release. There are also links for prayers that specifically target those with Masons in their families. http://kingdomintelligencebriefing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Updated-Prayers-for-Release.pdf

  51. Dear Michael and Mary-Loo

    Can you please not put your DVD’s on Vimeo.
    We do not have internet at home, live in the mountains. I have to be able to download the video, there is no time to watch them at work.

    Pray full request
    Adri Jansen (Scholtz) South Africa

    1. I do not understand your request for Dr. Lake. We have two options for posting Biblical Life TV on the Internet: YouTube and Vimeo. We are using and will continue to use both of them as we have thousands of people around the world that use them each month.

  52. I love your series on understanding the kingdom. I am a new subscriber who did my walk to emmaus this past weekend. I came home on fire for Christ. I went to my pastor to see if I could host a study. He suggest a basic Christianity class. I’ve been looking around the internet and I haven’t seen anything that catches my eye. Do you have any suggestions on a 6 week study, that hopefully, with Gods help can turn into something more?

    1. Dr. Lake has been teaching advanced, college-level series for decades. A basic Christianity series does not necessarily fit in his Kingdom assignments.

  53. I am so distressed about having trusted a doctor in Mexico who gave me Embryonic Stem Cell treatment with “undifferentiated stem cells” imported
    from England to treat my leukemia in 2016. Now that I am learning more
    and more, I am so afraid of two things: That I have “stolen” a soul in the effort of trying to get well. And that I have changed the DNA that God created in me and now I am not worthy to be connected to my precious SAvior Jesus. Jesus Christ is my EVERYTHING in life. It terrifies me to be separated from Him in Hell forever.

    1. First of all, you did not take a soul. That decision was made in England. Secondly, from what I understand about stem cells, do not change your DNA. CRISPR is used for that (DNA editing) and is just now being used in Vetro. You are still completely human and the salvation wrought by the completed work of Christ still covers you.

  54. I just want you to know that it is refreshing to FINALLY hear the WORD OF GOD preached! I have been listening to a watered down word for so long I almost forgot what it was like to truly feel the Holy Spirit move in my heart and bring me to repentance, so thank you for being true to your calling from God.

  55. Please consider loading videos on Youtube aswell as Vimeo.
    We need to download, as we do not have internet access at home. We live in the mountains.

    1. We are already doing both.

  56. I am trying to find contact info. for Mary Lou. I heard a radio session and thought she said she could be reached at :nomindcon@outlook.com
    but it will not send from my PC saying it is not a true address??
    An e-mail or phone number would be awesome.
    Bless you both, Your hearts and stand are precious and necessary right now.

  57. Hello and thank you for your testimony and work! My wife and I have been impacted greatly and changed. What is the best way to try and schedule Mary for events ie conferences, retreats, etc?
    My wife is the Ladies Ministries Director for Tennessee and I assist her with scheduling and coordinating state and regional events

    1. Because of duties with our extended family, Mary is not able to travel and do conferences.

  58. We are in a unity ministry with YWAM. We moved here to work out of a YWAM base a year and half ago. We are in the middle of a horrible battle. We have concluded that our particular YWAM ministry, Kerygma has been plagued by jezebel and ahab but there is another spirit we have not been able to identify. Can you pray for us? We are here next to Paradise, where the fires were. There are witches covens everywhere and since the fire, these demons are on the lose!

  59. Why do some teachings refer to Venus as being the brightest star, Lucifer while you say it is Sirius?

    1. First of all, Venus is not a star, it is a planet. Historically, Sirius has been known as the Dog Star and has been connected to Lucifer by the Mystery Religions for thousands of years.

  60. Hello Michael and Mary. I’ve read your book Mary and was wondering about the name of the small community you were referring to. The reason I’m asking is that I pastor an Assembly of God church in Steelville, MO. I’m also the presbyter of 32 churches in the Sullivan section. We’ve been dealing with major spiritual issues in a church within our section that sounds like it could be within the vicinity of the community you grew up in. Looking for some possible spiritual history.

    God bless, Jerry Beers

    1. Dixon, MO. However, the Crystal Caldron (which there are only several in the U.S.) stretches from Sullivan to Lebanon. It is a witch’s brew of occult groups working together for a common goal under a council that we believe functions out of the St. Louis area.

  61. Greetings Dr. Lake,

    If one were to venture out and learn Hebrew, what resources (books, pdocast, dvd’s, etc…) would you recommend short of taking classes at a certified seminary school.

    1. The Hebrew courses at The Timothy Program International. Nine levels. http://www.timothyprogram.com

  62. Debbie Lawrence

    Mary you were told that Jesus is unpicking the weaving = geomancy, techno sorcery.



  63. I am interested in learning all I can about FASTING— the way that pleases G-d. Can you help me?

  64. Will you stand with us for equal justice?
    Mark Trump

  65. I may have misheard but did Michael Lake actually say if you celebrate Christmas you’re going to hell?

    1. Not even close to what he said.


  67. I would like to get a set of The Elite Speaks DVD’s. Is there anyway you still have some for sale?

    Thank you

    1. We have never offered it. I believe it is available through the Prophecy Club.

  68. I am sitting here watching the news of the shooting in El Paso. Can’t help but think about the recent podcast warning of the days surrounding Tisha B’av.

  69. I hear you speaking of a Russ Dystard (?) often on your podcasts. Where would be the best place to find more information on him? I’ve looked on the internet and have not been successful in locating any more information related to him or his teachings? Thank you and LOVE all of the information KIB makes available for those of us who know there is more than what we have been taught by well-meaning and devoted individuals over the years.

    1. Russ has a very large archive of teachings in MP3. http://www.shatterthedarkness.com

      1. Thank you, Dr. Lake! I was able to locate it at: http://www.shatterthedarkness.net –in case anyone else needs this.

  70. I have a question about your eating the Hebrew way. Do you eat completely kosher, separating meat from dairy, etc.?

    1. We eat according to Moses and not the Rabbis. No pork or shellfish. No dairy and meat together is not found in the Bible, but rather a Jewish tradition.

  71. Shalom Dear MaryLoo and Michael
    Just listened to you on the SRA conference.
    My husband and I are the in the support group of 4 high placed SRA in the Netherlands. High placed elite royal programming. You know what I mean .
    We love these people. Your teaching help us a LOT .
    We are having a european SRA conference in the Netherlands on 10 to 17 November.
    Can you join please .
    We love you.
    Thanks for who you are and how you teach the remnant
    Shalom in Him

    1. We will be keeping this conference in our prayers. I am currently scheduling to speak at conferences for the last couple of months in 2020.

  72. Hi there. Is everything okay? I don’t see your podcast up yet and I’m worried about you. Are you both Okay? Is Dr. Lake’s mother okay? Praying all is well with you and your family. The Lord bless you both for your ministry. It’s the highlight of my week.
    Love in the Lord,
    Greta Christian

    1. Because Monday was a high Sabbath and the last day of Tabernacles, we are running a day behind. We just finished recording and now are putting the final touches on the podcast.

  73. Thanks to both for the valuable information on preparing the remnant how to engage in spiritual warfare, walk in kingdom authority, and teachings on praying for the forgiveness of sins committed by others and innocent blood shed.

    This week there was a wonderful article published on Intercessors for America entitled Pray and Praise Through Halloween which can be located through a web search. As I was reading the published intercessory prayers, one person stated all the psalms could be found with audio sample options for lyrics on psalms.seedbed.com. Hallelujah!

    I decided to put together a few of those psalms for use this week and to share. I also added “I Raise a Hallelujah” which is a contemporary spiritual warfare song and has a beautiful story about how this song was created. And then there is the old time favorite of Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho. It brought to mind Dr. Lake’s speech at the 2016 International Rocky Mountain Conference entitled Nephilim Secrets in the Walls of Jericho. Great research and speech.

    So I thank the God of Israel for your work, your ministry and the love you pour into to awaken, educate and prepare the remnant for the coming days ahead. To God be the glory!

  74. Pamela McNeff Smith

    Will Mary be issuing her book on the feasts some time soon? Also, I’m going through the podcasts on DID healing. A dear friend pointed me Mrs. Lake’s way after hearing her on a show with Sheila Zilinsky, knowing I have large stretches of “lost time” in my childhood, and a history of terrors. Is it possible to communicate with Mrs. Lake directly under more discreet covering? Thank you and bless you!

    1. Because of extra family duties, Mary and Stephanie have not even been able to begin the book. Sometimes life gets in the way of our best thought out plans.

  75. Your podcasts are truly inspiring. I followed your prayer example about Oct 31 for our area. God did amazing things. The whole day felt lighter. That evening things were quieter.The next day I didn’t hear of any vandalism or the usual mayhem. During the twilight and early evening hours on that day we typically turn out lights and go out to dinner. What I did hear from folks next day that did pass out candy was how polite the children were. When I go shopping, I follow your example and pray for the establishment and ask God to forgive the sins all the way around. He has honored that and the atmosphere has been so much sweeter in these places. Thank you for laying the tools and strategies for enabling the believers to be effect in their areas.

  76. Mary Lou,
    I would like to know how to contact you.

    1. Use the email address under the contact tab on this website. The system will route it to Mary.

  77. We saw you in Branson last year and heard you talk about your new book.
    When will it be released?
    Looking forward to seeing you again this year.
    We really enjoy all your teachings.

    1. Dr. Lake is still working on the book. He has had a very hard time finding time to write over the past year.

  78. I am trying to look up the Mike Lake that brought me to Christ in 1972. We both attended Dublin High School in Dublin, Ohio at the time. Have I found him?

    1. Dr. Lake was raised in St. Louis, MO

  79. In your series Feasts of the Lord, you use the terms Messiah Ben David and Messiah Ben Joseph, in layman’s terms would simplify its meaning for me, so we can grasp it’s biblical importance to this teaching.

    1. The Sages of Israel saw in the prophets two prophetic messiahs: the suffering servant based on the life of Joseph and the conquering king based on the life of David. As believers, we realize that it is one Messiah who comes to earth twice. The first time that Jesus came, He came as Messiah ben Joseph (the suffering servant) to pay for our sins. When Jesus returns, He will come as Messiah ben David the conquering King and will sit upon the throne of David in Jerusalem.

  80. I heard a podcast where you mentioned a book I believe called “The Thousand Year Leap” about the Constitution being a thousand years ahead of its time. I can’t find it anywhere but thought it sounded interesting. Can you tell me where to find it? Thank you.

    1. The book is entitled “The Five Thousand Year Leap.” It is available on Amazon.

    2. Dr. Lake,
      Thank you for your teaching. I find it very nourishing. Is there a transcript of your latest UTK video (6/24/20), or should I transcribe it myself?
      And, thank you for completing the latest book (Kingdom Priesthood) I’ve been looking forward to it for about a year, I think! (I heard you mention the idea for it about that long ago).
      I’m thanking Father God for you and your dear wife.
      Bless you, in Jesus’ Name,

      1. We do not have our podcasts transcribed. Sorry.

        The Priesthood book was delayed for two years because of circumstances in our extended family. I am so glad that it is now completed!

  81. Dr. Lake and Sister Lake, thanks for the KB 264 I just listened to it and I’m headed out to do the Lords work with his Weapon the Shofar to DC.. I will purchase your new book when you get them in at the Ministry so I can get you to Sign it for me. Thanks for Y’all’s help. Shalom

  82. Hi Dr Mike and Mary Lou! I listen every week to your podcasts and I had to write in and tell you just how much I was moved by KIB264. The Lord has been bringing aspects of the Cherokee/Hebrew connection in America to my attention so often over the last several months that I have to believe there is a major move of the Spirit in that direction. Having you include that in this week’s discussion only emphasizes that in my mind. For any other folks interested in that subject, I would highly recommend Sheila Holm’s set of “For The Sake Of America” books which directly address that, peeling back one layer of the deception per book. And Mary Lou – I nearly fell off my chair when you came up with the “dupe-ation” line – best laugh I’ve had all week! Many thanks for your ministry and my prayers are with you both!

  83. I am not sure where to post this question… about your Kingdom Priesthood book. When will it be available through Kindle? We are in Belize and it takes a while for packages to arrive and shipment is costly so I am wondering if waiting for the kindle is best. Yet we would rather pay for shipment if it will be the quicker way.
    Thank you for your significant ministry!
    Shalom to you both!

    1. Rule of Thumb for publishing is that the Kindle version (which takes a lot of work to produce) is released 60 days after the paperback.

  84. Dr. Lake, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you. Last night, I listened to your presentation at True Legends from this year. I believe the Holy Spirit communicated to me directly through your words. You indicate that all we are experiencing world wide MIGHT be either a test by the “elite” or a precursor to God’s wrapping it up. And suddenly, I realized you are absolutely correct. God’s power is such that he doesn’t need to tinker with toxins, viruses, massive destruction….like “entities” would. The Book of Revelation is a description and warning….but it all IS in God’s control. Your words lit a small flame in me–TRUST the LORD with our whole heart, mind and strength, no matter what happens. Thank you again for being such an eloquent messenger.

  85. My wife thinks it is funny because I call you General Lake. Gen 6 2020 was worth it just having your wisdom and amazing insight. Thank you

    1. OK, you made me chuckle a little today. :-). So glad that the Gen6 Conference blessed you! Dr. Lake

  86. Please pray for me and mission that God gave me in Nigeria. I’m working with a school established for special
    need school. Because they are not getting from government I was trying to raise financial support for them. But am getting a lot of spiritual opposition from a group who works to disable kids in US and Nigeria. Please pray for the mission to proceed and ve successful.

    1. We will be keeping your project in prayer.

  87. I am in Germany and be blessed with your preachings about series understanding kingdom ect.
    I want to buy your new book The Kingdom Prieshood, but it is too far for sendig ?
    do you have digital version of this book
    Thank you very much

    1. Both the paperback and digital (Kindle) version should be on Amazon.de.

  88. I am thanking Father for you two. I have no like minded believers in my life. Weariness is trying to take over. Your on-line ministry is such an encouragement. Thank you. May you be blessed with Joy continually and greater wisdom and understanding in knowing Jesus.

  89. I’m a Remnant and I’m praying in unity with you.

  90. I bought the Kingdom Priesthood book the moment it was available. IT IS AMAZING! My question is when will the next one be available?

    1. So glad that you enjoyed it. With Dr. Lake’s current schedule, it took him four years to write The Kingdom Priesthood. He will not even be able to start the next book until Summer of 2021.

  91. Hi,
    Just listened to your latest KIB podcast and want you to know that a very large number of people here in the UK are praying in agreement with you regarding the swamp in the American Government and the need for the truth to be brought to light especially about the recent voting frauds.
    God bless you and all you are standing for, I pray with you every day.

  92. Have been missing your podcasts but I think I’ve caught up now.. I wanted to ask, have you noticed all of the children being kidnapped or their precious innocent blood being shed? I know this is something close to ms Mary’s heart. Since it seems like the Democrats are trying to come into power more of these precious children are being taken again!! I had to stop and think when that guys girlfriend (dont want to say names) but when she went to prison children were being found, raids finding hundreds of children…but now what is going on? In the last 4 days since new year story after story after news headline horrible things are happening to these babies..regardless of how old they are..they’re still babies…please add these children to your prayer list! Thank you and so love the ministry praying that I can be more of a blessing!

  93. Keep pressing into the Kingdom. GOD is good he is in control, he is still GOD!!! Thank you for teaching what the Holy spirit gives. May you and our voices not be silent. March on March on!! Love KIB praying blessings and holy spirit guidance for ya’ll.

  94. I consider myself a part of the remnant body of Jesus Christ, but could someone define the “remnant church”? Any feedback from anyone will be appreciated. Thank you

    1. I provided a definition in my latest book, The Kingdom Priesthood:

      Basic Definition # 1
      The Remnant is comprised of those that have a true heart for God and a deep desire to be faithful to Him alone – regardless of the cost. This can prophetically include those that are in some type of spiritual bondage, which frustrates this holy desire within them. As the Kingdom is manifested and decreed destruction is released upon the enemies of God, His Remnant will experience salvation and deliverance that enable them to serve their King unfettered.

      Basic Definition # 2
      There will be an accelerated growth in the Remnant that: (1) will produce a mature and balanced understanding of the Word of God that has great depth, (2) will enable them to accurately hear the voice of God with a proven track record, and (3) will allow them to become highly proficient in prayer and spiritual warfare. In other words, the Remnant’s destiny is to become God’s Special Forces for their generation!

  95. Hi Mary and Mike,
    Just listened to your latest podcast and wanted to tell you that I have been praying exactly as you have for their salvation etc. Doing the same for my government here in the UK, also for the exposing of the the evil in our governments.
    This was such an encouraging podcast, lists me up each week as I am not able to meet with my little housegroup at the moment because of lockdown.
    Pray God will always bless and protect you and your family and supply all your needs.
    Love to you both,

  96. Dear Dr. Lake–I’m not sure this is the correct place to ask a question, but here goes: In the most recent notification on my email (today’s date is 1/24/21), there was an announcement of a 100-person-only ZOOM conference titled “Where Do We Go From Here?” Will you publish a transcript of the conference? I didn’t make it before the fill-up, so I missed the whole things. I’d really like to know what happened–and where we go from here. Many thanks, Judith

    1. You need to check with Hear the Watchmen, since it was their broadcast and not ours.

  97. Jan. 26, 21 podcast, Thank you both for your encouragement. Something Mary says in almost every podcast I hear confirms what The Lord says to me through my prayers. The trauma of those that are being rescued are a big concern to me, especially during prayers.
    I have been involved with The American Bible Society trauma healing team. I have a Masters in Counseling through Liberty U. I am retired now. Just a few years ago I was trained through the Trauma Heal (Bible Society) and work with female inmates through a jail ministry.
    Since COVID, the ministry has been shut out and prohibited to enter the jails for volunteers to minister. I say all this because of the ministry you are currently working on, and possibly work on healing those who have been rescued and traumatized. I would ask that you may look into American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing. They may be able to assist in your ministry.
    Thanks for all you do,

  98. Dr. Lake,
    I’ve heard you speak about the subject of binding spirits, but haven’t yet found a place on your videos where you discuss the what and how. I really feel that the Lord wants me to speak over believers as I pray and that may involve binding. How does loosening work? I looked at Mathew 16 where Jesus says this in speaking with Peter and I don’t think it was just for him. If there is a video to direct me to, that would be wonderful!

    Rochelle Wells

    1. Here is a link to a KIB audio episode where Dr. and Mrs. Lake deal with binding and loosing.  http://traffic.libsyn.com/biblicallife/KIB63C.mp3  You may want to also check out the Endtime Spiritual Warfare teaching on our YouTube channel.

  99. Dr. Lake, Your sermons along with God’s Holy Spirit have saved me! Thank God for them! A good friend of mine recommended your ministry to me, and I’ve been absorbing your sermons on youtube. Albeit “virtual” YOU are my Pastor. I choose to leave Confusion and Chaos, and walk in the Kingdom till the very end. Thank you so incredibly much!

  100. Hi guys!
    It’s good to hear your voices and your uplifting Spirit-filled words today as always. I haven’t commented in 4 years because I’ve been quite busy trying to track what’s been happening these days. I knew it was going to be a while before I returned to your podcasts so I set up an email rule to send all your podcast emails into a folder called KIB. I’ve also been praying for you and your ministry every day. So now that I am able I’ve begun going through all of the podcasts I’ve saved over the years and how refreshing it’s been to say the least. So may God continue to bless you both as we progress into this strange scenario we find ourselves. Peace and love in Christ Jesus, Anthony

  101. I wait for every podcast with baited breath. Thank you for addressing if we can go to a church. I was worried about my new churches 501C-3 and it seems I’m either striving to do the Leviticus 23 Holy Days or straining to keep away from the days my church keeps. They are so loving and want me to attend anyway so I think I should go for now but you are really my Pastors and church family. I can’t thank you enough for your podcasts and thank God for people like you. Hope to see you in your new building when I’m able. Jill Isken

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