Month: July 2024

KLIB445 – Divine Intervention and the Season of the Watchmen

This past weekend, there was obvious divine intervention in the assassination attempt of President Trump.  We are entering a season of high occult activity, and it is time for the Watchmen in the Kingdom to man their posts, watch, and intercede for the nations to see the Kingdom of God established in many critical areas.

KIB444 – The Mystery Religions and the Conclusion of Solomon

King Solomon was bitten by the Mystery Religions bug and attempted to reassemble its fragmented knowledge.  In his day, it was the precursor to Freemasonry, the New Age, and many other esoteric groups.  In the end, Solomon declared that they all were folly and madness!  The modern Church needs to learn from King Solomon and heed the admonition and warnings of Eccl. 12:9-14!

Silicon Zombies and the Renewal of the Mind – Vicki Anderson

Silicon Zombies and the Renewing of the Mind explores some of the theoretical “unintended consequences” behind up-and-coming technology that may have a profound effect upon the brain, and ultimately the soul, of its users. Paul exhorts believers in Colossians 3:9-10 to put on a new self which will be renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created them. However, technology, for all of its benefits, has surreptitiously swapped out discernment for data and insight for information. With the onslaught of virtual reality, augmented reality, predictive programming, psychedelics, neural lace, the hive mind, mind control, media, medicine, and transhumanism; how are believers to walk through the minefield of modernity without—quite literally—losing their minds?

KIB 443 – The Church and Unfruitful Works

Large segments of the modern Church have embraced New Age doctrines on various levels.  From opening the door to a Kundalini spirit to teaching remote viewing to aspiring prophets, claims of “game-changing” abilities seem to fill the Internet.  Yet, these so-called “superpowers” have little effect on the currents of darkness that are now sweeping over the world.  At ground level, the Jezebel spirit has been so embedded into Western society that it continues to wreak havoc on families both inside the Church and the world.  It is time to return to the purity of the Word of God and the power of the Kingdom in this hour.