Month: June 2021

KIB 312 – Bringing Kingdom Dynamics Back into Focus

The Holy Spirit is presently refocusing the Remnant on the Kingdom. Our vision and focus must be clear. God’s promises are true, and our resolve must be strong. Only the Body of Messiah is prepared to withstand the occult revolution. It is now time to feed our faith, press through to the Kingdom, and see miracles in the days ahead.

Moving Out of Babylon and Pressing into the Kingdom – Part 1

Jesus proclaimed that pressing through to the Kingdom was difficult and few would find it. The first step is for the Evangelical Church to abandon its easy believism theology and return to the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Regarding easy believism, A.W. Tozer has stated that “its evil fruits remain. The stream of gospel thought had been fouled and its waters are still muddy.” It is time to enter completely under the kingship of Messiah!

Preparing for Pentecost and Maintaining Its Power | UTK 89

The power of God does not simply fall in a vacuum: it will only fall when a place has been prepared for it. In this episode, Dr. Lake examines the examples of Moses, Elijah, and the Early Church and how they prepared for the power and fire of God. Not only do we need to know how to prepare, but how to maintain the fire of God once it has fallen!

KIB 311 – Empowering the Next Generation

There is a prophetic connection between Psalm 90 and 91 and where we are prophetically today! The Almighty is releasing an anointing for the older Remnant to prepare the next generation for end-time ministry. There will be a radical return to biblical ministry not seen since the Book of Acts. This new generation will pay the price to walk in a fresh “Joshua” anointing to take the land (i.e., win hearts and souls to Jesus) and live and minister as Jesus did in His earthly ministry.