Month: October 2020

KWR-0012 Turning America Right-side Up | Kingdom War Room

In his new book, Upside Down in America, Dr. Mike Spaulding proclaims: The America I knew is dead. In the 1960s, our nation was still a shining beacon on a hill despite the many trials we faced. While they focused the eyes and minds of the country on Southeast Asia, our enemies were busy infiltrating our schools, civic organizations, churches, and government – at every level.

KIB 280 – The Hidden is Being Revealed and a Shift in the Spirit | Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Jesus promised in Luke 8:17 that everything being hidden will be revealed. As the Remnant members pray, this promise in being fulfilled. We are turning a corner in this spiritual warfare, and now the Remnant prayer warriors must press in for the victory. This victory must include both the stopping of darkness and winning of souls into the Kingdom.

KWR 011 – Silent Cry:  The Dark Truth of Human Trafficking | Kingdom War Room

It is estimated that 1.2 million children worldwide are taken each year into human trafficking. Yet, the church is unaware of this dark truth. All of society must become aware of the horrors inflicted on the most innocent and work together to stop the sexual trafficking of children!

KIB 279 – Overcoming Occult-Powered Persuasion

The New Age Movement and the Mystery Religions influence every aspect of society, to include the Church. Their use of both psycho-sorcery and techno-sorcery is now so commonplace, we have become conditioned to accept their influence and agenda without thought. The Remnant must break free of their influence, return to the purity of the faith, and solely move in the Kingdom of God.

KIB 278 – In the Heat of Battle

Recently, key leaders in the body of Christ hosted a national day of repentance. This “Return” must be more than an event, it must become a movement. From the hallowed ground of repentance, an army of spiritual warriors must arise to combat the supernatural powers that seek to overturn America. It is time for divine recompense and the scattering of darkness. It is time for the Remnant to mobilize in prayer.