Update About the Storm in Our Area on Dec 10, 2021

Last Night’s Storm

Mary and I have had several reach out to us this morning to see if we were OK after the terrible storms last night.  We did have a funnel cloud go over the house, and it tore off a good number of shingles from the front and side of the house.  We are both so grateful for God’s protection. We have not checked out ministry buildings yet, but this storm was closer to I-44, so they should not have been affected.  (We will check on them later today.)

The brunt of the storm hit further south, in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky.  It has been reported that an F4-F5 tornado stayed on the ground for nearly 250 miles.  So many in those areas have lost their homes.  Please keep these families in your prayers, and give (if you can) to ministries like Convoy of Hope that will soon be sending aid to the affected areas.

Updated: December 11, 2021 — 8:00 pm