KIB 227 – Developing Functional Faith

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KIB 227 – Developing Functional Faith

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

As we approach the unfolding of biblical prophecy, it is going to become essential for functional faith to be developed within the Remnant.  In this episode, the Lakes discuss both the necessity and process of developing functional faith in our lives that will work in every situation.  Faith and covenant are tied together.  The more that we take our covenant seriously with God, the more our faith (steadfastness) to the Kingdom will grow.  It is time to allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives to grow in functional faith that takes down giants!

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling books, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative:  Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.  Dr. Lake is a popular speaker at national Christian conferences and is a frequent guest on many Christian TV and radio/podcast programs in North America.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.

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  1. Thank you thank you so much for what you shared today. Mary you are sure not alone in the things you have been seeing, hearing and experiencing over the years in the supernatural realm. I have as well.
    Over ten years ago now I began researching super soldiers, black ops military programs, off world civilization’s, ufo encounters, hybrid breeding programs etc. I met five men who worked in all different branches of the military who worked in various parts of these programs. All with DID, ritualized and demonically possessed. Some even claiming to have been born as hybrids themselves with alien dna. I can actually coroborate much of what Steve Quayle spoke about with a similar military blk ops man I encountered and interviewed. I learned ten years ago as well about the mars jump room and colony, dark side of the moon military outpost, the meetings on Alpha Centori that this one individual I spoke with said he was sent to, the various types of aliens visiting this planet, 25-35 foot tall shapeshifting alien beings traveling in cloaked motherships over our skies,
    the hybrid labs near Area 51 and Los Alamos, recovered alien craft at Wright Patterson Air Force base being back engineered, alphabet agency ties to the alien connection and the list goes on. As a Spirit filled Christian I have had no one to turn to and speak about these things which has been both frustrating and difficult.

    One particular long term experience in my rural mountain community with one of these dark satanic super soldier agents resulted in the illnesses and deaths of two people.
    I have tried to talk to Steve Quayle but to no avail…a little pun, he’s a hard man to get a hold of.
    I have written down my experiences, diagrams and explanations of things told to me by these individuals. I have been thinking about writing a book about all that I have learned called “Agents of Deception” End Game for the End Times. Maybe now after this conference people will believe what I have to share. I have actually gotten more support from people in the UFO/paranormal community who believe it or not have more knowledge about these subject areas than most Christian’s. I want to present my story from a biblical world view perspective but frankly I think most Christian’s will not receive this type of information.

    I have started a FB site called Fallen Angels, Hybrids and the Alien Deception to get this type of info out to people with a biblical world view perspective. So far I have over a thousand subscribers and I continue to reach out to folks in prayer, healing and deliverance ministry as well. People are hungry for answers about these subjects and needing help and healing from their experiences.

    Please pray for me and if you feel led, reach out and contact me because I truly could use some support from true Spirit led believers. I’m not sure how to proceed and where to go with all this that will help awaken the body of Christ to the days and times we are living in.

    The Lord has without a doubt rescued and delivered me out of some very dark and terrible situations both of the spiritual warfare type and worldly) natural kind. I had no idea what I was getting into when I began this research but I sure do now. These dark agents of deception are without a doubt fallen angels, principalities, spiritual forces of wickedness, nephillim demons with an agenda to hunt down and destroy all traces of humanity on this planet. Spirit filled Christian’s are certainly their target, so no one is escaping this chaos like it or not. Christian’s may think they can continue to keep their heads in the sand about these things but it won’t be for much longer because I am seeing the dark side ramp up their game plan significantly.

    Back in 2007 the Lord began to give me a series of prophetic dreams and visions about safe haven colonies He is going to create during the dark part of the tribulation period to lead believers to for safety. It will be much like the book of Exodus where we will be living in complete dependance on God for survival, right down to bring fed with manna from heaven and being protected by angel armies! He has shown me all the same things you talked about Dr. Mike in creating communities with retired military personnel with both natural gifts and spiritual giftings to lead the people. I have already met some of these people being led to particular places. I have so much to share about all this and would relish the opportunity to to finally be able to seriously discuss these things with other like minded believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, especially those who understand the importance of being covenant Sabbath/Feast keepers. Only by walking in covenant with God will we find the protection we need.
    God bless you both for your ministry! I cherish you and thank you for being such a blessing to myself and so many others in the body.

    Hope to hear back from you at some point! Some things are better left to communications which can not be censored or monitored. I’ve already had enough of that sort of thing happen to me, right down to my computer being destroyed by multiple viruses before my eyes and many weird phone calls in all hours of the night among other things.
    Believe me when I say I can relate to many of the experiences you have both been through!

    Much appreciated! Peace in Jesus!

  2. I have long felt that most people are functionally atheists. it is my experience that you have to both rebuke the devil as well as ask the Lord for help. It helps a lot to actually believe in the spirit world. God is real and the devil is real! This past winter I saw a seraphim standing in my kitchen and two small dark shapes at the foot of my bed. I KNOW it is real. If I could tell of all the things I have seen in the spirit over the decades…

  3. what satan calls sifting / Jesus calls refining

  4. Thanks for the education of Darkness. The churches are Sick and Weak because they do not believe everything in the Holy Bible. Shalom

  5. The Archangel Michael saying the Lord rebuke you… Do you think the fact that He was in our realm effected the way he handled that? What if he were on his own turf? Similar to the way we have authority in our realm but have to tread carefully when dealing with higher dementions. Just a thought…
    Also, do you have a teaching about binding and loosing?
    Lastly, we’ll miss you in Cleveland this year! Thank you for all you do!

    1. We need to realize that there are different protocols for different fallen immortals. Demons are not fallen angels, rather they are the disembodied spirits of the giants (Nephilim). Churches that have tried to treat principalities as demons have paid the price: many of them are no longer in existence. There are some sessions for Biblical Life TV that I have taught on binding and loosing (a simple Google search should find them). I have also taught on it extensively in Kingdom Authority and Warfare 1 and 2. Will surely miss everyone in Cleveland this year!

  6. Every time I hear a teaching on warriors and being strong in the army of God I remember years ago our church was having a conference and we were told if we wanted to know God’s special name for us we should go pick out a card from a bowl that people had prayed over and prepare for the conference. I went pick a card and when I turned it over the word printed on it was ‘warrior’. I never felt like a warrior but told the l Lord I would be whatever he wanted for me. Near the end of the conference we were told there were many extra cards and we could pick another if we wanted. I again chose a card because I thought I would get one I understood better. The second one was ‘child’. That really confused me although I knew all God’s family were children of God. Some days later a women told me to listen to Twilla Paris song ‘the warrior is a child’. To this day when I play that song deep sobs come from my spirit I don’t understand everything but I know God has protected me in all the battles I’ve been in. Excellent teaching and a timely message for the Bride of Christ.

  7. Dr Lake and Mary, we cannot tell you what you have come to mean to us since we have come across your plethora of timely, anointed and powerful information. We attended the recent Gen 6 conference and were so hoping to meet you in person, but understand and are praying for you.

    We recently met some Messianic people in our area who are so precious, hospitable and kind, and are trying to “get it right”. We have a bit of background on the Feasts, etc but are uncomfortable with the traditions, the way the rabbis are the “end all” and even though Jesus is spoken of, the one on one relationship with Him seems to be secondary to traditions. They follow First Fruits of Zion. They recently invited us to join them in starting the new year, and we just don’t bear witness. We want to honor the Lord in how we handle this, however.

    Do you have anything you can point us to, in order to answer them well? Even better, anything that might possibly help them to use critical thinking skills in relation to the Bible vs. traditions of rabbis? Although we’ve been privileged to walk with God for years now, this is territory that we are just learning ourselves, and truly yearn to be balanced and God-honoring in all we say and do.

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