Change in Speaking Time at the True Legends Conference

Dr. Lake received a call from Darrin at the True Legends Conference. Dr. Hugo de Garis was originally scheduled to be the first speaker at the conference and was going to be speaking at 9 AM on Friday. However, there has been a problem with his flight from Australia and he will not be arriving to later sometime Friday (rather than arriving on Thursday). Therefore, Dr. Lake has agreed to switch speaking slots with him. Dr. Lake’s session will be at 9 AM on Friday now, instead of the originally planned time of 2 PM on Saturday.


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  1. Perhaps this is ‘Divine Providence’;

    This said because by Michael Lake becoming the initial speaker, through him the Lord will provide those listening His frame through which to consider all that follows.

    This seems to me to be the ideal frame for this conference, and the purpose for which this has come to be.

    The Lord brings to pass mighty things “by means that seem small in the sight of man” True that.

    “Break a leg”, Michael.

  2. Thanks for letting us know! Anytime you speak will be terrific! Really excited and looking forward to to hearing you and the other wonderful line up of speakers! Looks like you will have the opportunity to set the spiritual stage and nature of this conference which is so critically important! Answering the alien question can not be fully understood apart from a biblical world view perspective. Praying many souls will be saved and believers be awakened to the truths of God through this conference.
    Praying for you and Mary, the rest of the conference participants, the attenders and all in general to run smoothly!
    I believe this will be an inspiring and life changing event for many people!
    Praise the Lord! Jesus is truly our King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s! Blessed Be His Holy Name!

  3. I have a question I think you can answer. Can you explain how hive mind works? Isn’t there a technology being used to read the mind. I’ve had some experiences I need answers for. I have done some Google searches and I know stalkers who are part of gaslighting use these technologies. My experiences are among church leaders. The mark of the beast is a clear choice a person makes knowing they are in league with and choosing Lucifer and Antichrist system. I am a Christian and most deffinatly have not done that, therefore whatever is being used in my experience has nothing to do with the mark of the beast. So what is it? Can you explain the. Connection with the eye scans they have done in India and what connection that has to do with the mark of the beast? Is the beast the internet or computer?

    1. Books could be written on these subjects. A great place to start is both of Dr. Lake’s books: The Shinar Directive and The Sheeriyth Imperative.

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