Artificial Intelligence and Strong Delusion with Dr. Michael Lake – Remnant Radio

Folks I have been warning of what’s coming with AI and I have on a special guest and expert on the subject Dr. Michael Lake to discuss what is coming and how believers MUST prepare their minds against the Strong Delusion of the last days.


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  1. Excellent teaching Dr Michael Lake! May God keep blessing you with much more revelation of the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ! Praying for you and Mary and all the Lord is using you to help in teaching and awakening the nations!
    Thank-you – will be sending your teachings to as many as I know!

  2. Patricia Edwards-Nurse

    Dr. Lake and Sister Mary Lou,just to have the opportunity to learn from your wealth of knowledge and experience has been a tremendous blessing. Thank you for making your ministry available. By God’s grace, I will be supporting your ministry this year financially and prayerfully. Thank you.

  3. Dr Lake, I’m anticipating your new books more than any others ever. I don’t agree with a lot of what you say, yet God has used your books to convict and encourage me like no others. May the Lord bless you with the time to finish these projects.

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