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KIB 235 The Remnant’s Heart – No Compromise

In the current prophetic season, God is activating, training, and equipping His remnant. The remnant is not what is leftover or what remains. The remnant will become God’s special forces for the days ahead. The remnant will have the fire of God burning in their hearts, will have sanctified themselves for the Kingdom of God through repentance and separation from anything of Mystery Babylon, and will have a heart of no compromise in the battle that lies ahead of us! Each member will have learned the balance of walking in love, faith, and spiritual warfare dynamics. They will be unique, biblical, and powerful in ways we have not seen since the Book of Acts!

KIB 234 – God’s Unfailing Love and the Template of Cornelius

Several biblical examples are prophetically intertwined regarding what God is doing today: (1) Hosea – God’s unfailing love, (2) the paradigm-shifting event in Peter’s life in Acts 10, and (3) the example of Cornelius that had received Heaven’s attention. God is moving to restore HIs remnant to fulfill His purposes. Heaven is also working to change our paradigms that have been tainted with cultural biases that prevent moving in the Kingdom. Finally, God knows those that have a heart to serve, even in the midst of their feeling like they were on the outside looking in. There are many changes coming . . . even in the midst of the chaos planned by the enemy.

KIB 233 – Visions Restored

We are in a season of God restoring and activating the Remnant for His purposes in the earth. As a part of the restoration process, the Almighty will begin restoring visions for ministry that He had given, where circumstances and discouragement had delayed their fruition. The reactivation of His kingdom visions will be strategic, according to His purposes and His plans. The Lakes also share how this has happened in their own lives to include Phase 2 of what God is calling them to do. Important information!!

KIB 193 – Turmoil and Triumph

KIB 193 – Turmoil and Triumph Kingdom Intelligence Briefing   In this episode, Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake discuss several items ripped from local news with possible connections to the Black Awakening. They also discover the attempt of the Luciferian Elite to bring chaos to the Western world to empower their occult workings in […]

KIB 192 – Babylonian Zombies vs. Kingdom Remnant

KIB 192 – Babylonian Zombies vs. Kingdom Remnant Kingdom Intelligence Briefing   On today’s podcast, Dr. Michael and Mary Lake review some history to explore how the enemies of the Kingdom of God have been toiling to create mindless zombies waiting to be filled with the agenda of the kingdom of darkness. They discuss the […]