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KIB 403 – UFOs, the Bible, and the Last Days

With the congressional hearings this past week, we are on the edge of official disclosure regarding alien life. These beings are not interstellar; they are interdimensional! The Great Deception is about to be revealed. How does the alien agenda align with Bible prophecy and spiritual warfare? How do believers protect themselves from the coming deception?

UFOs and the Scroll of Destiny – Remnant Call Radio

What will you do when they announce one day that we have been visited by aliens, or that you were seeded long ago from a galaxy far far away. Why is the news media, Marvel, DC, and Hollywood pushing this alien deception and transhuman infatuation? Is your faith prepared to stand for truth? What does the Scroll of Destiny have to do with it? Join us as special guest Dr. Michael Lake joins us tonight in this don’t miss episode!!!

KIB 180 – The Occult Barrier Over Planet Earth

KIB 180 – The Occult Barrier Over Planet Earth Kingdom Intelligence Briefing   Is there a deeper occult agenda to the fanatic embracing of abortion worldwide that uses the cloak of being “a woman’s choice”? Is this agenda networking with both emerging and hidden technologies to create a barrier between Earth and Heaven? In this […]

KIB 49 Interview with Dr. Tom Horn – On the Path of the Immortals

  Interview with Dr. Tom Horn – On the Path of the Immortals Kingdom Intelligence Briefing | Episode 49 Are there portals to higher spatial dimensions in the Southwestern regions of the United States? Do both the American Indian and the Vatican know something about Mount Graham that the average American doesn’t? Internationally acclaimed researcher […]