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Dr. Lake Recommends: Revisiting Reality

Revisiting Reality and CERN Decoded   It is a pleasure to recommend the new book written by my colleagues, Patch, Peck, Shimura, and Woodward.   This dynamic team of Christian researchers tears back the current of modern physics to reveal the reality of another paradigm that hidden from the public.  These researchers are not afraid to address […]

Anthony Patch – Plasma Physics and End-Time Prophecy

Anthony Patch – Plasma Physics and End-Time Prophecy Hear the Watchmen 2 Conference | Knoxville, TN Anthony Patch did an outstanding job at the Hear the Watchmen Conference in Knoxville, detailing the concept of Plasma Physics and the connection between CERN and the D-WAVE Quantum Computers.  Maybe he came too close to the plans of […]

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