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  1. Happy for you. Sad not to hear from you.

  2. May the Lord bless you and your family with SHALOM during this time, renewing and refreshing spirit, soul and body and a rejuvenation of anointings and power in the Holy Ghost!!

    Thank you and your bride, Mary Lou, for all you do for the Remnant and His Kingdom!!

    Kind Regards & Love

  3. Enjoy your well earned rest!

  4. Ed & Dee Phillips

    Have a great relaxing time and do take care. We pray for you and Mary all the time. We have learned so much from you—much more than any church we have ever went to. God bless you both for all you do for the Lord.

    Ed ^ Dee

  5. I pray you have a blessed and wonderful time.

  6. Dr Michael Lake,

    You spoke about writing a book on the topic of biblical catastrophtism. Have you seen any of the work and research of Gil Brosard. Fascinating information 7x.net.
    I know Derek Gilbert interviewed him a few years back.

    Leonard Jennings

    1. I have his book and about nine others on the subject. However, with my schedule, that particular project will not be worked on until about 2021 (if the Lord tarries).

  7. Recharge your Spirit, much deserved rest!

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