Understanding the Kingdom – Part 5

BLTV_logoUnderstanding the Kingdom – Part 5

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In this episode, we examine several things: (1) Did all of the angels fall when Lucifer fell or was their fall progressive throughout history?, (2) The Nachash is the symbol for all illumination within all esoteric societies and this wisdom James calls devilish, (3) God’s grace caused Adam and Eve to be driven from the Garden, and (4) there is evidence that the flaming sword was used by God to divide and separate the three Heavens.

Dr. Michael K. Lake
Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary
Author of the Best-Seller, The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition

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  1. Yahweh totally amazes us with the teachings He has given you! Like you, we wish we learned all this 40 years ago when we were learning biblical truth rather than Babylonian lies. So many answers have come forth during the listening of your messages. I want to say thank you for addressing the Godhead of Elohim. I don’t understand physics and all the dimensional realities but as Yahweh is so much greater than me, I will take it on faith about the 3 witnesses of Elohim and let Him keep revealing more so we stand firm on His Foundation. Many, many thanks to Yahweh for all this instruction.

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