Understanding the Kingdom – Part 12

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 12

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BLTV_logoIn this powerful season, Dr. Lake examines several concepts:  (1)  Egypt is a biblical type and shadow of the world system.  (2)  We also look at the difference between Egypt and Babylon spiritual and prophetically.  (3)  Finally, how Moses is the perfect Old Testament type and shadow of Messiah and how perplexed he is about how modern believers distain Moses.  It is time to return to a biblical balance in our walk and theologies!


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  1. from BLCS student #05116: I just loved this “re-done” version of Understanding the Kingdom #12 as vs. 2.0 ! “I hear you” is old CB jargon but is “ἀπρος” or appropriate to my thoughts here. Recall that one Torah commandment is to “not kindle a fire on Shabbat” which also implies in drash to ‘not start an argument.’ A true believer does walk righteously. I especially liked your reading of A.W Pink’s thoughts on the type and shadow of Moses vs. Jesus. I am heavily “immersed” in trying to complete my Greek 500 class while also being tasked as a fill-in teacher at a messianic synagogue in Grand Island NE, besides working full-time in agri-business. Stay on τέλος! (on target – on the goal) You have risen above the reprobate minded fray very well! “Saddle up” and keep a’ going! – Walt

  2. I pray for you and the other ministries that feed me truth, concerning the persecution you face and the demonic distraction it often tries to derail you with. I have heard that we are on the fringe of Christianity, but I beg to differ; we are turned toward the Kingdom, which could be considered the core of Christianity! Does that make us the Repenters?
    Always appreciative…inspired by these Kingdom teachings (FYI – listen more than once and you’ll get a different message each time)

    1. We have heard from students at BLCS and partners with Biblical Life Assembly that they will get something new every single time they listen to a message. It is the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the unfolding of the Kingdom within our spirit man.

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