KIB 57 – A Conservation about the Kingdom

KIB M and M Edition Podcast

KIB 57 – A Discussion about the Kingdom
M and M Edition


podcast_logo_2Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake sit down in this podcast and have an honest (and frank) discussion regarding the Kingdom of God, how to walk in it, how that the Torah (Moses) and Jesus are vital parts of the Kingdom today, and then discuss how this Kingdom affects all parts of our life and faith.





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  1. Dr. Mike & Mary:
    Love the interactive podcast format with you and Mary together. It is inviting to listen to in the manner of the dialogue and chemistry you have together.
    John & Jean

  2. May YHWH continue to bless you and your family in all that you’re doing for your brothers and sisters. this pod cast came at a very timely moment for me.

  3. iiwish all of your uploads were downloadable in mp3 form so I could listen to all of what you post. I have limited data, so I download evrrything I can while im in town with wifi, because where I live I dont have a good enough signal to download or listen to archives like the hagmann and hagmann episode. I wish the hagmanns were all in mp3 also.
    God bless you and Marylou.

    1. All of the KIB podcasts are downloadable in MP3 through Also, all of the Biblical Life TV episodes are available in MP3 audio podcasts through iTunes under “Biblical Life Assembly.” PS: So are the Hagmann and Hagmann episodes. We listen to them that way all the time. 🙂

  4. Your Title??….Did you mean “Conversation About the Kingdom”, or did you mean “Conservation About the Kingdom”??

    1. You gotta love auto-correct on an iPad. 🙂

  5. Your conversations come across as a couple that are in love and enjoy each other rather than many TV Christian talk show couples I’ve listened to where one or the other dominates the conversation and you can tell there is a dominate and a submissive person in the relationship, and heaven help the submissive person that speaks out in a way that upsets the dominate person, because you get the feeling there will be hell to pay after they are off the air.

  6. Really outstanding broadcast…what a blessed team!!

    Solid theology (Truth) is getting harder and harder to find. I thank God that He’s using your ministry.

    Heard you on Hagmann and Hagmann. The Lord definitely got my attention that night.

    We have so much to learn, and I pray that the Lord keeps leading both of you to keep teaching and reaching out.

    Plano, Tx

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