Understanding the Kingdom – Part 11

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 11

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BLTV_logoDr. Lake continues this important series on Understanding the Kingdom. In this episode, this study takes him to a pivotal biblical figure: Abraham. The apostle Paul, in his writings, considered Abraham central figure in understanding the miracle of Gentiles coming into the faith through the completed work of Messiah. In Romans 4:12, Paul states that all true believers are those “who also walk in the steps of that faith of our father Abraham.” Yet few have asked the question, “What are Abrahams steps of faith that I should follow?” The answer, and its relationship to Babylon, may surprise you. Yet, as the judgment of God approaches America and the world, this question must be answered and embraced by the Remnant today!


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  1. Dr Lake,
    Thank you so much for your messages on the Kingdom. My question is in reference to the remnant. Exactly who does this refer to? What makes a believer part of the remnant? Is there a podcast or archive message you have that explains this?

    1. Basic Definition from Bible Info.com:

      “Remnant” means that which remains of an original body or substance. In reference to God’s people, it means those who are faithful to His original truth despite apostasy and opposition.

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