KIB 52 – Overcoming the Tactics of the Enemy in this Generation

KIB M and M Edition Podcast

KIB 52 – Overcoming the Tactics of the Enemy in this Generation

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast


podcast_logo_2Dr. Michael and Mary Lake expose tactics of the enemy to keep God’s people in bondage. They shed light on how those in the occult are destroying pastors and their families through shocking covert activities, while providing hope and defensive maneuvers for those under attack. They issue a clarion call to those anointed as intercessors to cry out because of the sins of our nation, as they share a powerful prayer for justice in our country from a dear friend and ministry partner. This podcast will shine light on the schemes of the enemy to hinder believers in Jesus and give hope to those struggling to be free to fulfill their divine destiny.


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Dr. Michael K. Lake is the Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary, and the author of the best-selling book, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition.


Mary Lou Lake is the co-host of the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing and the author of What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.



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  1. WONDERFUL, as usual! So anointed and encouraging. I thank my Adonai with every thought of you both, for the blessing of your presence in my life.
    Love you both,

  2. This podcast and the podcast on spiritual warfare for fall have been like laser beams of enlightenment for me personally and for targeting my prayers effectually…Thank you both. I am going to see Is.49:25 come to pass in our nation; the captives of the mighty will be taken away and the prey of the terrible will be delivered! Marie Bridges’ prayer was so powerful that I put it in my ‘arsenal’. Can’t wait for that book.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Your podcasts are a HUGE blessing. I have a BIG place in my heart for both of you. The messages you share are certainly anointed by our beautiful Savior! God Bless you!

  4. Wow and Wow! This was a great podcast – thank you! I finally have a name for what has been confusing me for years. A person close to me has a religious spirit (as you identified it in the podcast) and I was clueless – I knew something was wrong. . . Now, I am witnessing the attack on their body – just as you said. THANK YOU!!! I have listened 2X and will go back and take notes. Thanks also for the prayers! God bless you and your ministry!

  5. Baruch Yah’shua M&Ms of Elyon,

    I cannot thank you enough for this podcast. I can relate to it in many ways and I am greatful for your discernment and revelation that you have imparted.

    Like many I came from family lines that had spiritual ties to the lodge (Elks club) and other religious systems of works bondage.

    When I was involved for a time after leaving the cataholic (Catholic) church in a kjv only jaw fringe home study group I was reciting scriptures and praying to Jehovah. I was a kid and my family raised me the best they knew how to share the word of God and help me understand prophecy and who God is.

    I recall one day in kindergarten we had an art project to create dream catchers. We made them by hand with yarn and paper plates. I, was the kid who asked all the questions nobody else would like,” if the good dreams go into the beads and feathers, how long will it be before they are full and need replaced?” Or “if the bad dreams go into the web, where do they go?” Needless to say I did not get answers that made any sense. I took it home. Here I am five years old as a kid in a Jehovah witness household, little to no prayer covering, no armor of God etc. no blood of the lamb plead over me. The nightmares that followed for what felt like s month, could have been two weeks at the most were awful. The same dreams kept repeating over and over again to where I would wake up screaming and a soul tie and strong man were forged to where instead of sleep paralysis I had waking paralysis where I did not want to go back to sleep. Thankfully my mother had sense enough to at least throw the ACURSED THING AWAY. God is faithful for such discernment even in an unsaved house.

    As the Lord lead me to understand these things when he opened my spiritual senses to the practices of the enemy while in college as a babe in Christ it was revealed to me that dream catchers can also be used to channel dreams. I did not see a silver cord as most speak of the nether world. But I did hear a sound, a combination of what sounded like a dentists drill and a metal ticking sound. When a subconscious image was being implanted into my mind the sound would speed up. These images were of fear and sadness. I can still recall an image the channeler showed me of my mother dying of some fever.

    It was not till years later when I ran across future quake raido co-host tom bionics blog/website on sleep paralysis that the dots began to connect.

    About the same time I was in kindergarten I joined up in the martial arts world for health reasons. Unfortunately the spiritual headship of this particular martial art had a perverted spirit. So at five years old that spirit of priest raft came to me to where I was desiring woman at a very young age and beginning to show abnormal signs of behavior. This could also be in part do to some generational issues. All of this has been repented of in the blood of Jesus and the living waters of the Holy Spirit.

    When my family got out of the JW programming a guy came along and showed us what our home study leader was not telling us and exposed the JWs for who they were. It was also around this time that I was introduced to Koinonia ?House ministries lead by .chuck Missler. He really got me interested in the bible for the first time. Sadly though the man who got us out of the cult through very solid bible study had an unrepentent perverse spirit. Having been baptized by this guy I now had two perverse spirits of priest craft functioning in me.

    As I said before it was not until college that I realized a lot of this, repented of it and experience pd deliverance. HALLELUYAH

    This smoripning as I was browsing your kib site I stumbled upon this teaching and I cannot thank you enough. Your ministry has become a morning devotional for me.

    For years in the secular and religious professional world and in personal relationships I have struggled with rejection. This spirit has caused me to go back to old sins many times over after having been set free. I also believe this is also due in part to a lack of Holy Spirit fortification after these deliverances by myself or with other beleivers took place.

    An episode that happened fairly recently to me regarding a job I was seeking spoke so heavily in the very description you made about the effects of a spirit of rejection and the sin/soul ties it involves, along with the demonic attack that follows in the mind will and emotions. I was dead to the core. As if the enemy had robbed me of all the fruits of the spirit.

    It has been 2 months since this happened. I continue to pray and fast to be restored, knowing that this emotional feeling is a lie of the enemy and that I am still a child of the most high king. God knows my name, destiny, and calling for kingdom. Even if I did not get the job I know my time will come and my destiny will be made manifest according to his divine will.

    Thank you again and Shalom to you and your ministry.

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