Problems with Recording for Biblical Life TV – February 2019

The Shepherd’s Staff and Spiritual Warfare

Biblical Life TV

We recently filmed for Biblical Life TV.  The session was titled, The Shepherd’s Staff and Spiritual Warfare.  After preparing slides and importing the video into Final Cut Pro, we discovered that there was no sound for the video.  We are not sure what caused this problem and have begun the process of troubleshooting the studio to ensure that this does not happen again.

We are also in prayer about whether to reshoot this teaching or to move on to the next one in the Understanding the Kingdom Series.

Updated: February 5, 2019 — 8:15 pm


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  1. Well, as a spiritual warrior myself, I’d say to go ahead and refilm the teaching.

  2. Teach it. It was blocked for a reason.

  3. before you went to this new format, i was able to convert the videos to mp3 for use on an iPod. Now, this is no longer possible, as YouTube tells me they are music videos and cannot be converted. Do you have any plans, during fix-its, to offer mp3 downloads, as with the KIBs with MaryLou. Those work perfectly. And I love them. Thank you.

    1. We are now rebroadcasting Biblical Life TV in MP3 audio format via the KIB podcast platform. We have been including download links at the bottom of each broadcast lately. However, you can go directly to and download them directly.

  4. Dr. Lake, I appreciate how busy you are, but my husband and I have learned SO much from your teachings on the staff of Adam and the staff of Jesus our Lord. These are teachings we have never heard before in our 40+ years of walking with Christ. If it is at all possible, please re-record your third teaching. Soory you experienced the frustration of a technical snafu. Blessings to you and Mrs. Lake, Nancy OBrien

  5. I know it will be a pain, but I believe there is something specific your listeners need to hear that someone doesn’t want heard. That is the way it is for me with every single podcast I get from either Biblical Life or Kingdom Intelligence Briefing. I thank the LORD for you and your family and your ministry!


  7. Xjp, release the Christians!

    Dear Dr Lake,

    Thanks for your teachings!

    Best regards,

  8. Xjp, release the Christians!

    Dear Dr Lake,

    Thanks for your teachings! 🙂

    Best regards,

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