Preparing for the Next Move of God with Dr. Michael Lake and Eric Walker

Dr. Michael K. Lake and Rabbi Eric Walker discuss the next powerful move of God, how we can prepare for it, and how the Feast of Dedication (part of God’s cycle of sanctification) can prepare us to be ready for what God is going to do.


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  1. Lost audio of Dr. Lake at 49.05. Thank you for you dedication to the WORD!

    1. Try downloading it rather than in your web browser. The full audio is there.

  2. Michael went silent at the end when speaking about Hannukah. Are we supposed to use the seven branch menorah or the nine branch menorah for Hannukah? It is our first Hannukah as New Covenant children of Isreal and I want to get it right. Also, does KIB have a comprehensive teaching on how Michael and Mary celebrate Hannukah? I’ve searched the website and YouTube and can’t find anything. Thanks.

    1. Then scroll down to the MP3 series on the Feasts of the LORD. Dr. Lake handles the spiritual side of observing the Feasts.

  3. Good program! So much on target with things the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about concerning networking and creating home fellowships, wonderful confirmation!
    I liked the idea of older couples mentoring younger couples too by discipling them in the faith. Great way to build the next generation of leaders in the body!
    God bless you both!

  4. I tried to download, but the audio still wasn’t there at the end. Is there a link that I could use to listen to the full audio?
    Thank you! You all have been such a blessing!

    1. Unfortunately, that is beyond our control. We did not record the interview: it was recorded by Igniting a Nation. We just shared the YouTube video of the interview that they posted.

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