KIB 54 – False Prophets and Spot Judgment


KIB  54 (M&M Edition) – False Prophets and Spot Judgment

podcast_logo_2It seems that the term “false prophet” is being thrown around social media these days toward anyone that disagrees with another believer.  Yet few have take then time to investigate how the Word of God defines a false prophet (teacher or apostle for that matter).  Have you ever wondered when Jesus said that we would know false prophets by their fruits, He never defined what that fruit was?  It had already been defined by Moses in the Torah!  His first century audience knew exactly what He was talking about.  After this podcast, you will too.  Dr. Michael and Mary Lake also discuss the need for spot judgment in our day for the sake of the Remnant.
Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary and the author of “The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way of the Son of Perdition.”
Mary Lou Lake is the author of “What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition” and has labored side-by-side with her husband in ministry for over thirty years.


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  1. Dr. and Mrs. Lake,

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I too am a previous program multiple. I am a testament to how God can heal and renew a heart, soul, and mind. In getting to personally know Christ through the Holy Spirit it has been a personal gospel for me. I have observed and dealt with real demons who act as the Holy Spirit in perverting scripture into a bondage at my expense. It has been through discernment and knowing the voice of Christ through the true Holy Spirit I could weed those out.

    I concur that a lot of what is known as Christianity is polluted with yeast and the real gospel is completely foreign.

    I appreciate gleaning from your teachings and input.

    David Minear

  2. Dear Brother & Sister in Yeshua, I thank our Father for flowing through you both & bringing a much needed reality check into the lives of believers & followers of His precious Son Yeshua. If i may, please could i mention one note of caution? It is documented & known that we none of us know exactly which year we are in. To give a well known example: the famed rabbi Akiva manipulated the ‘years’ of recorded history in order to make the timeline of Simon Bar Kochbar (son of the star) ‘fit’ messianic prophesy.It is known that at least 200+ years have been ‘deleted’ for ‘hidden’ agendas. As such,i would ask you both to exercise extreme caution when referring to ‘schmittah’ & jubilee years & indeed any ‘prophecy’ purporting to being connected with them. The simple rationale used by Judaism is: if the number is divisble by 7 – it’s a release year , but since it is not 5775/6 – neither can this be true either. We should all endeavour to live as though this is our only day, our only year to serve our LORD faithfully according to His Word & abstain from speculation of other things. I truly hope that i have not caused any offence by this comment – i value greatly your sincerity & the wisdom our Father has imparted to you both – a journey that came at the cost of both of you laying down your lives for Yeshua. May our Father continue to bless, protect & guide you both into all truth.

    1. Please note that we have said for years that the Jewish calendar can be off by several hundred years.

  3. Thank you for this talk. Very helpful listening.
    I was seeking some clarity on some of the church
    organisations. Was wondering whether some of
    these organisations fall into false teachings category.
    The reason is, I’ve done some hopping around
    and seen what appears to me inaccurate
    teachings e.g. Seventh Day Adventism, Pentecostals,
    Catholicism. Currently I prefer not participating with any
    church organisation and feeling more
    fulfilled in walking with the Lord on my own.
    I find I get more learning and insight from
    listening to good Bible teachers online rather
    than attending church organisations where
    I feel I’m wasting precious time.
    I’ve just come across your site and
    would love to know whether you understand
    from a Biblical perspective that it is OK
    not to participate with any denominational
    church organisation. At heart I really
    don’t like them and feel unsure of them.
    Thank you again for sharing your
    knowledge and experience.
    God bless you.

    1. If you have been listening to our podcasts and Biblical Life TV for a while, you know that we have shared that there are more Christians outside the organized Church than there are in it. This is one of the reasons that we have the ministry that we do: to bring the truth of the Kingdom to the Remnant, no matter where they are in the world.

  4. Hello Dr Lake,
    You mentioned in this podcast about YEHSUA cleansing the Temple twice at the beginning and after 3 years? I am curious about this can you reference the scriptures.
    Thank you so much to you and Mary for these teachings and podcasts I have both the Shinar Directive and Mary’s book that I had loaned out a few times. Priceless information in today’s world.
    YEHOVAH bless you both and your ministry.

    1. I said that Jesus cleansed the Temple twice: once at the beginning of His ministry and then once near the end. A simple reading of the Gospels is all that is needed to see this powerful truth.

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